What Does It Take To Be A High Performing Marketer?

By Guy Marion, CMO & Growth at Autopilot www.Snap-Shoppe.com

In sports there’s always a starting lineup, whether it’s the first string offensive line in football or the starting five in basketball. They are the best players on the team at their respective positions, delivering consistently top performances to champion their team.

Marketing is no different. A recent survey of over 500 marketers across the U.S. identified marketing’s own starting squad – made up of high performing marketers. Defined by their ability to attain 80 percent or more of their lead goals in a single year, these individuals are 2.5 times happier with their performance and have more satisfied customers.

Currently, high performance players make up just 24 percent of the marketing population. So, how do you become a high performing marketer? Here are five tips to help you graduate from bench warmer to starting superstar.  

1. Increase revenue faster

Growing revenue is good, but growing revenue quickly is even better.  Did you know high performers grow revenue 58 percent faster than other marketers? This is consistent regardless of company size or business focus, with high performers outperforming peers by as much as 122 percent in enterprise and by 74 percent in B2C-facing companies. One way to quickly grow revenue is through developing a customer journey initiative. Over half of high revenue-growth companies have mapped their customer journey, compared to just 18 percent in slower-growth companies.

2. Produce more leads

Forty-three percent of high performers create more than 500 leads per month, creating 23 percent more leads on average – as much as 2 times more than those producing fewer than 20 leads per month. High performers also drive higher year on year revenue growth, reflecting an emphasis on valuable leads. Generate a greater amount of leads by investing in marketing automation, nurturing warm leads, and onboarding new users.  

3. Delight your customers

Gone are the days of using interruptive marketing, brute force gimmicks, and woefully generic, untargeted content to drive leads. 86 percent of high performers said their customers are very or extremely satisfied, compared to 70 percent for everyone else. Try humanizing the customer experience by engaging on social media, delivering mobile push notifications, or hosting meetups and educational events.

4. Confidently understand driving online revenue 

In order to succeed in driving revenue, retool and refocus marketing, from traditional top of funnel lead generation and pipeline metrics, to driving demand, growth, and satisfaction through the customer lifecycle and across acquisition channels. Focus on leveraging top sales channels, which currently include online/e-commerce (66 percent ), followed by outside/direct selling (53 percent), and inside sales (47 percent).

5. Find satisfaction with marketing’s performance

A whopping 73 percent of high performers are “very” or “extremely” satisfied with marketing’s results and performance, which is 2.5 times higher than everyone else. These views are not specific to any industry, although marketers in mid-sized companies are more satisfied than their SMB counterparts (by 61 percent vs. 29 percent). This feeling of achievement may be reflecting access to more resources, bigger budgets, and a reputable market presence.

There is no magic formula to becoming a high performing marketer, but adhering to a few best practices, while keeping on top of emerging trends, can put you on track for success – leading to increased revenues and more valuable leads.