The Benefits of Media Monitoring Software

Mycroft: “For goodness’ sake! I occupy a minor position in the British Government.”

Sherlock: “He is the British Government – when he’s not too busy being the British Secret Service or the CIA on a freelance basis. Good evening, Mycroft. Try not to start a war before I get home, you know what it does for the traffic.”

—“Sherlock” (2010, BBC)

Have you ever seen BBC’s updated “Sherlock” television series? The show is responsible for one of the best-looking and effective displays of text messages as seen in popular culture today. Additionally, the show updates the all-seeing eye component of Mycroft Holmes, the older brother of the titular consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. Mycroft is a significant member of the British government who has the ability to survey, pardon and imprison people at will. In the pilot episode of BBC show, we see him show off his scope of surveillance by wiggling all the security cameras pointed in John Watson’s direction.

This version of Mycroft as government control center in human form demonstrates an interesting application of media monitoring as well as makes a clear distinction between media monitoring and social media monitoring software.

Media monitoring software provides users with up-to-date feeds of activity on various online media channels. For example, a product like Meltwater or Gorkana helps users stay on top of real-time editorial, blog and social media conversations that are then to be used to inform the company’s strategy as well as measure company success. The software also alerts and sends relevant updates to the user as well as stores those mentions and posts for the future reference of the user.

For example, a product like Critical Mention or Cision helps users stay on top of any media coverage by indexing broadcast content and automating the process of reaching out to targeted audience. Media monitoring tools additionally allow users to report on those online media findings, so that the user can analyze and align the reports to the company’s bottom line. For example, a product like Trendkite or BurrellesLuce Workflow quantifies the impact of a company for the benefit of PR departments.

How else can the software benefit your company?

Monitor Your Media and Market Presence

The software is usually utilized by public relations departments who keep an eye on media channels that are relevant to their business industry, clients and business partners. Accordingly, most media monitoring solutions integrate with PR analytics which ensures that the company’s media and market presence align with the efforts of the PR department.

Track Brand Competition

An important feature of media monitoring tools includes the identification and connection with influencers. This feature allows the user to identify members of the media, which also include social media, who have an influence on your brand. The tracking and monitoring of online conversations relevant to a company’s brand also extends to the tracking and monitoring of online conversations relevant to the competitor’s brand. After all, in our current competitive online world, companies must leverage the fact that existing and prospective clients can be swayed by good marketing and bad reviews.

Gain Insights on the Effectiveness of Your Media Strategies

The majority of media monitoring products are used most by small or mid-market businesses, as reported in the Winter 2017 Media Monitoring Grid℠ Report. That implies that companies with smaller marketing budgets benefit greatly from software that make easier the discovery and analysis of insights via social chatter. Accordingly, since media monitoring tools can integrate with customer relationship management software, businesses won’t have to waste time implementing a software that butts heads with existing systems. Smaller businesses can gain the same type of footing as big businesses with a media monitoring platform.

The software goes beyond listening to what a business’ customers or competitors are saying and more into how the business is performing across all media channels, coupling insights from social media platforms with those from traditional news organizations. While closely related, media monitoring tools differ from social media monitoring solutions specifically in their use cases. They both depend on a process called “social listening,” but while social media monitoring tools are used to listen to any kind of discourse on any social media platform, media monitoring solutions have a more limited focus. Media monitoring tools take that social chatter and leverage only that which is relevant to bettering business operations.

Be sure to check out the other key benefits of media monitoring tools to see how it can help make improvements to your PR and outreach approaches.

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