What Is Medical Billing? Software to Help Medical Institutions

What Is Medical Billing? Software to Help Medical Institutions

Although necessary, the logistics that accompany medical care can be a headache for both patients and practitioners. Administrators often experience difficulties keeping up with large volumes of claims and visits, or patients miswrite an important piece of information, or documents can become lost in transition. Misunderstandings or lost paperwork by insurance companies can also elongate or complicate the process.

If medical claims and bills are not processed correctly, physicians and other health care providers cannot be paid. If providers can’t trust they’ll be compensated, they may not be able to remain at a particular institution.

This slippery slope is best left unexplored. Instead of disgruntling your staff and patients, consider the proactive steps you could take to ensure the aforementioned errors do not occur. In short, consider utilizing a medical billing software solution.

Medical billing tools do not have to be complex systems that take years to implement. When adopted correctly and efficiently, a billing tool can revolutionize the way a medical institution’s administrative services operate. This article outlines a few of the many ways a medical institution could benefit from deploying a billing tool.

Medical billing products highlighted

  1. NextGen Healthcare
  2. WebPT
  3. Advanced Billing
  4. EZ Billing
  5. Centricity Practice Solution

Billing solutions can provide templates for invoices and other types of forms.

Existing templates can often be customized and changed to fit a particular set of needs. Consider NextGen Healthcare, a medical billing and electronic health record solution. NextGen provides templates that can be configured to a specific specialty.

“I love that you can modify many templates throughout the system to make them work for your practice,” wrote an administrator in medical practice in their NextGen Healthcare review.

This sentiment is echoed by other users.

“Custom templates are a must for the best experience with NextGen,” wrote an administrator in design in their NextGen Healthcare review. “Investing in hiring someone to complete custom templates, or training existing staff, is highly recommended.”

Templates are a time-saving solution that can keep administrators from repeating mundane manual tasks.

Product highlight: NextGen Healthcare
NextGen Healthcare Medical Billing

Product Name: NextGen Healthcare
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews: 28

Medical billing solutions can generate invoices.

Patients often see a provider for multiple services in one day, such as a consultation, blood work and a vaccine. Invoices help ensure institutions are compensated for every aspect of a patient’s visit. A hospital or care facility utilizing these features is able to record work as it happens, speeding up the billing process overall.

WebPT, an EMR solution for physical therapists, provides patient invoicing and billing.
“I like that WebPT prevents me from making mistakes (like forgetting Gcodes or billing errors) and that it’s customizable,” wrote Kathleen H. in their WebPT review. “I mostly use the ‘additional comments’ boxes to document, which makes it quick and easy to document the information I feel is most apt.”

Digital invoices can sometimes be automated, taking steps out of an administrator’s workflow. This also speeds up the billing process as invoices can be delivered electronically as opposed to snail mail. Medical billing tools can also provide features that help with medical coding, or the process of translating medical procedures into numeric codes.

Product highlight: WebPT
WebPT Medical Billing

Product Name: WebPT
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews: 94

These tools can send claims and invoices digitally.

With an electronic billing solution, there’s no waiting for patients to receive a bill in the mail. Consequently, there are no delays stemming from bills becoming lost in the mail. This is a more efficient process because it ensures bills continually make it to their destination.

According to its description on G2 Crowd, AdvancedBilling “allows you access to crucial patient information and control the patient scheduling process from a single screen as well as manage patient demographics, referral information, insurance coverage, check-in, and more.”

Multiple users wrote they are using this tool to cut down on time spent manually billing patients.

“The software and billing processes provide amazing customization which support faster payments and cleaner claims being sent out for processing,” wrote Abby S. in their AdvancedBilling review. “Also, we have not found any issues with the reporting capabilities.”

Digital transfer of documents can also be used to get claims to insurance agencies. Again, this eliminates the likelihood of lost or misplaced paperwork. Some medical billing solutions can track insurance claims to see how soon they may or may not be processed. This brings transparency to a previously muddy exchange, informing both parties of what’s to come.

Product highlight: AdvancedBilling
AdvancedBilling Medical Billing

Product Name: AdvancedBilling
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews: 8

Medical billing solutions host detailed patient information and demographics.

These tools can serve as a digital repository of sorts for patients and their histories. Again, this speeds up processes as it keeps patients from having to fill out the same information every time they come in for an appointment.

“As a dentist, I enjoy that I can easily transition from Dentrix to NextGen to check my patient’s medical history, including diagnosis list, medications, allergies, and labs, within seconds,” wrote a user in hospital and health care work in their NextGen Healthcare review. “This way, I can avoid having to obtain a time-consuming medical consult for something as easy as locating an A1c value.”

Patient information helps doctors retain records of lifetime medical information. This accounts for a patient’s past information, as well as updates for any ongoing care they receive. It’s important that, as patients relocate or switch providers, their information is able to travel with them. Utilizing a medical billing solution is equally helpful for both patients and providers.

Providers should be certain to update periodically, as changes do happen. For example, a patient could no longer be a smoker, or their medications could change. Although medical billing solutions can be a good place to store patient information, providers are still responsible for making sure it’s up to date.

Billing solutions can also keep track of patient demographic information such as age, ethnicity and gender or gender identity.

“Its connectivity of registration and patient demographic information is very convenient and integrates well with therapist notes and documentation,” wrote Tim D. in their WebPT review.

Medical billing solutions can generate reports that offer insights into the practice’s billing situation and strategies as a whole.

Reports can detail various facets of medical processes such as scheduling, accounts receivable or claim lists. Reports help deliver an overall view of processes.

EZ Billing is a medical billing solution targeted toward small- to medium-sized providers. It allows users to generate reports with a variety of filters. Some examples of reports it can generate are disbursements, patient receipts, transaction lists, procedure code summaries and more.

“I like that the program is SUPER easy to use! EZClaim is not DOS based and is loosely Windows based,” wrote an administrator in insurance in their EZ Billing review. “It is easy to use the software, easy to get from PT demographics and insurance information to entering claims and downloading and uploading 837 files. There’s not much to complain about [with] this system. The reports are very easy to get to. Aging reports are easy to modify and keep track of.”

Product highlight: EZ Billing
EZ Billing Medical Billing

Product Name: EZ Billing
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 3.2 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews: 3

Medical billing solutions may have features that accommodate both in-house and third-party billing.

WebPT claims it’s a useful software for institutions that prefer to complete every aspect of the billing process internally, as well as institutions that make use of a biller.

“It is so straightforward and simple to use as an EMR system,” wrote Alysha D. in their WebPT review. “All the different places they give you to put in extra important information for in-house use is the best!”

Being able to accomplish both types of billing is an important characteristic for some institutions. It’s possible you bill in-house currently but are looking to utilize a biller or billing service. A tool that offers both types of billing would make that transition significantly easier, as you wouldn’t need to deploy a different tool with your new strategies.

Product highlight: Centricity Practice Solution

Product Name: Centricity Practice Solution
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews: 40

Medical billing solutions are sometimes packaged alongside or integrated with other functionalities.

Practice management, scheduling and electronic health records are a few examples of bundled features that might be sold with a medical billing solution.

Utilizing all of these features provides institutions with a more cohesive digital strategy. Practice management can deal with things such as payroll, while scheduling can efficiently record when patients should be in and out of the office.

Centricity Practice Solution is one such platform. In addition to billing, it also provides revenue cycle management and integrates with other solutions.

“Centricity helps us bill and chart patient care,” wrote R. Todd L. in their Centricity Practice Solution review. “We are able to manage our business with a normal number of employees. The ability to create forms and workflows, and integrate with third-party solutions that benefit our practice or specialty operation are very useful. I like that it plays well with others.”

The features and capacities mentioned above are just a few examples of what medical billing software can do for medical institutions. Different tools will exhibit additional or more niche features. Users should fully understand what a solution can do before making a final decision.

The benefits of streamlining claims paperwork, patient medical history and population information, as well as providing transparency into the process, will help your employees get paid more quickly and keep your patients coming back.

To consider additional medical billing tools, visit the medical billing category page on G2 Crowd.

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