What Real Users Love About Medical Billing Software

What Real Users Love About Medical Billing Software

Medical assistance is a serious matter that requires reliable support. Following the stress of emergency medical care, patients are also responsible for understanding their statements and adequately compensating a provider within a certain timeline.

This equation leaves little room for mess-ups such as an incorrect social security number or a claim under the wrong provider. Unfortunately, mistakes in a hospital’s administrative process are all too common. They elongate payments and add stress to injury. Incorrect paperwork or an inefficient process can further stress already strapped patrons.

Organizations employing a trusted medical billing solution lessen the chance of these errors by streamlining information involved in the overall billing process. Invoices, electronic health records, referral information and more can be stored in a trusted digital environment. This decreases lost paperwork and helps make the billing process more transparent. This article outlines the real-life impact medical billing software has had on organizations across the world.

Medical billing insights

NextGen Healthcare
NextGen Healthcare Medical Billing
28 reviews — 3.6/5 stars

NextGen Healthcare is one medical billing solution that users have said is customizable for a personalized experience. They’ve also discussed its ability to shorten consults as all information is available to providers as soon as they require access.

It offers features such as revenue cycle management as well as overall practice management. For a full list and description of features, visit their solutions tab.

“If you are looking for better organization and paperless software this is a beauty,” wrote Antoinette N. in their NextGen Healthcare review. “It provides structure and ability to multitask. It is user friendly and provides differently user faces. If you have a large company looking to be able to access information within different locations in the community this product will allow you all to connect and access that information at your fingertips.”

Features & Integrations

NextGen Healthcare does more than medical billing. It’s a cohesive platform for storing electronic health records, organizing revenue cycle management, overall practice management, population health, analytics, consulting services, clinical specialties, training and education, and more. NextGen has the ability to integrate with third-party patient portals and other solutions. This product also boasts of interoperability, or the ability to share data between patients, providers, payers, health registries, and more.

Advanced Billing
Advanced Billing Medical Billing
7 reviews — 3.7/5 stars

AdvancedBilling is, unsurprisingly, a software that focuses heavily on the billing aspects of medical administration. It has features for scheduling, in-house billing, outsourced billing and billing companies.

“This software is web-based, so you don’t have to pay maintenance or hardware fees,” wrote Corey J. in their AdvancedBilling review. “Everything you need is included and in one place. It has improved the billing process by 200%.”

This tool has been used to solve business problems such as speeding up payments and sending out more accurate claims. It is also helping with reporting processes. For more insight into this tool’s features and capabilities, you can also check out their solutions tab.

“Reporting, reporting, reporting – we need to get cogent data quickly both for internal management and for managing our clients productivity,” wrote Curt H. in their AdvancedBilling review for what business problems it’s helping to resolve. “The strength of the ad-hoc reporting tool AdvancedMD has recently rolled out has made that really strong.”

Features & Integrations

AdvancedBilling has features for those who complete their billing with an internal team, as well as those who utilize a third-party billing source. It has reporting and benchmarking that allow you to keep track of the business aspect of your care facility. It has a digital claims center that helps you monitor bills to full reimbursement. It also provides calendar features so you can schedule appointments and keep providers with patients all day. AdvancedBilling integrates with some electronic health records technologies.

EZ Billing
EZ Billing Medical Billing
3 reviews — 3.2/5 stars

EZ Billing markets itself toward small-to-medium-sized providers. It offers features such as electronic remittance advice and the ability to send patients statements in-house. It also has a patient portal, which helps break down the communication barriers traditionally placed between patients and their information.

“I like that the program is SUPER easy to use!” wrote an insurance administrator in their EZ Billing review. “EZClaim is not DOS based and is loosely Windows based. It is easy to use the software, easy to get from pt demographics and insurance information to entering claims and downloading and uploading 837 files.”

Users say this product helps them move through claims at a quicker pace, and that it’s user-friendly. For additional information on what this tool can offer, visit its features page.

Features & Integrations

EZ Billing is accessible through the cloud, meaning users can log on remotely to update information. Bills and claims can be sent electronically, which cuts down on information being lost in the mail. This product provides patient statements and task lists, and can schedule appointments. It also can process credit cards and provides robust reporting options. For more details on what this tool can do, visit their features page. This product integrates with a number of applications, such as Practice Fusion, BillFlash, QuickEMR, BestNotes, Nexus, Medical Code Solutions, and more. Visit their integrated applications page to learn more about what this tool can do.

MDBilling.ca Medical Billing
3 reviews — 3.7/5 stars

MDBilling.ca allows users to access their claims regardless of internet status. This goes for both patients and physicians. It also has full OHIP billing services, which is a type of billing relevant to residents of Ontario, Canada.

“The software is very easy to use, and intuitive,” wrote Michael C. in their MDBilling.ca review. “I like the flexibility to move to their full service if I need it, or hire them at $50/hour. I have used the mobile app a few times, and works great (although I don’t always use it). They are very responsive in all their emails.”

Quality of support is a common theme in reviews for this product. Two other users have reviewed it mentioning its ease of use.

“They are very knowledgeable in their field, helping us increase our clinic’s revenue,” wrote Manuel S. in their MDBilling.ca review. “They made the onboarding process very easy for us to setup our MCEDT account.”

These mentions of support make sense, considering MDBilling.ca is both a software product and a service. Meaning, organizations can utilize this company to outsource the medical billing process.

Features & Integrations

As was previously mentioned, MDBilling.ca is a software as well as a service. Some features of this product include a patient list that can help bill recurring patients. This product can also generate reports that help you understand which payments are outstanding. Patient data can be exported or imported. MDBilling.ca integrates with OSCAR, an electronic medical records tool, as well as other EMR solutions.

Medical billing is a growing software category, as more medical organizations discover the ways software can change their efficiency and overall services. If you use a medical billing product not already on G2 Crowd, consider adding it to the site. If you’re interested in finding out more about a medical billing tool that could suit your scale and needs, check out the medical billing software page on G2 Crowd.

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