Virtual Reality In Mobile Form: MediaBrix Adds 360° Vertical Video To Mobile Ad Platform

The limitations of virtual reality seem to be dissolving quickly––video advertising software
platform MediaBrix is contributing to the VR movement, adding vertical video and 360° experiences to
mobile app environments.

MediaBrix will introduce the new format to mobile users during pre-determined moments across more than 1,000 apps.

This development further points to the shift from traditional methods of digital advertising to  more mobile-centric ad strategies––and as far as video and mobile advertising software is concerned, users are certainly craving improvements in features and functionality.

The G2 Crowd Fall 2016 Video Advertising Grid℠ Report showed that 80 percent of users were satisfied with video functionality features on average Only 78 percent of users reported being satisfied with mobile functionality on average in the Fall 2016 Mobile Advertising Grid℠ Report.

G2 Crowd User Average Advertising Satisfaction

Video Functionality

Mobile Functionality

MediaBrix is certainly tailoring its new video ad platform to meet the needs of both advertising software users and consumers. The new platform is the first advertising medium specifically tailored for vertical mobile viewing, which has quickly become the preferred app orientation for users.  

In fact, more than 90 percent of the Top 100 iOS apps (based on monthly active users) have a fixed vertical orientation, the company said.

In a study, MediaBrix found that user engagement was higher and created a deeper connection when the delivery method of an ad was vertically oriented and embedded into the app experience. The study also found that almost 70 percent of users didn’t rotate their phone when viewing a horizontally designed ad, creating an underwhelming experience––in this group, users watched only 14 percent of ads, with the majority of viewing time spent looking for the ‘X’ button.

In contrast to horizontally designed ads, vertical video ads were completed 90 percent of the time, according to Rapid TV News.    

MediaBrix co-founder and CEO Ari Brandt had this to say about its newly introduced digital ad platform:

“Our mission at MediaBrix has always been to focus on the needs of mobile users and to put the human experience at the centre of the ad delivery. It’s the user’s world we’re entering, and the advertising has to respect it in order to be welcomed. Portrait-style vertical video and 360° experiences are vital steps in our goal to prioritise user needs, desires, and habits to drive real mobile engagement.”

For advertisers, the creative opportunities created by this type of 360° virtual video platform are new, exciting and seemingly infinite. Audiences can now be transported to completely different worlds, allowing them to experience a product in a completely unique way.

As Patron and Merrell have already proved in the digital marketing realm, people truly enjoy VR experiences. With mobile media consumption continuing to climb, VR technology is likely to advance in the years to come.   

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