What’s New in macOS Sierra?

The latest operating system from Apple, macOS Sierra, has introduced exciting developments for Mac lovers. From increased cohesion across devices to tools that put all your files at your fingertips, discover what makes this operating system different.


For one, Siri has made her desktop debut. Those who were familiar with Siri on their iPhone can now chat with her on their Mac—but her capabilities have gotten a serious upgrade. Useful for multi-taskers to take notes, set reminders or search, Siri’s more fluid interface has the capacity to change how you use your computer. Siri can help track down crucial misplaced files, from that note with brilliant song lyrics to an old photo you want to include in an email. Now it’s possible to search through your computer by asking a simple question.

Along with changing how you find files internally, Siri can help you search the web and pin trending topics that are relevant to you. This allows you to curate a custom feed automatically updated with the information you need to know. Likewise, Siri can act as a personal assistant pulling up archived emails, scheduling requests and even reporting on your computer’s storage.

The benefits of Siri on your computer mean you can work more efficiently and save time looking for a document or pulling up a figure, but for those who weren’t charmed by Siri on the iPhone, having her on the computer won’t make much of a difference.

Continuity and Handoff

However, macOS Sierra has a suite of features that can transform how you use your computer independent of Siri. With the macOS Sierra feature dubbed Continuity, it’s now possible to work with your iPhone, tablet and computer as an extended work surface. Want to copy a link on one device and paste it on the next? Done. MacOS Sierra introduces a universal clipboard that offers seamless integration between devices, meaning it’s easier to get work done faster and more efficiently. Take calls directly on your desktop or draft an email on your Mac and send it on your phone. Aptly named Handoff, macOS Sierra makes it possible to access the most recent files you were working on in any device with a simple notification in the dock or lock screen.

The seamless integration between devices continues across many other features. With Apple Pay it is now possible to shop on your computer and complete your transaction with a simple tap on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Similarly use your Apple Watch to unlock your computer or use your iPhone as a personal hotspot to access wi-fi on your computer—rendering connectivity issues a headache of the past. This seamless access is incredibly powerful for those on the go with multiple Apple devices, but for those who don’t have more than a computer the accessibility across devices is lost.

Other Features

However, there are other features of macOS Sierra that are beneficial for any user. MacOS Sierra automatically optimizes space, meaning your machine is running at peak capacity at all times. This feature is beneficial as you can automatically store files in the cloud, automatically delete clutter like duplicate files or unused installers, and your trash is automatically emptied after 30 days. Navigation across your applications is also simplified, as universal tabs make it easy to organize windows across Mac applications, from Keynote to Maps, just like your internet browser.

Lastly, your ability to organize and enjoy photos is revamped. With better face recognition and the option to search photographs by objects or scenery, your capability to quickly find and display your photos is greatly enhanced. Furthermore, with the feature memories, photos from events are transformed into automatically generated albums, creating shareable collections you’ll treasure for years to come.

For devoted Apple lovers, macOS Sierra offers robust organization and use tools enabled by Siri and Continuity that transform the ease at which you can use your devices. However, even for first time Mac users, macOS Sierra has extremely useful features that improve upon how you can use your machine.

macOS Sierra

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