[VIDEO] A Quick Hobnob with the G2 Crowd Team

What brings together an elite Chicago crew of sports fans, farmers, artists, frisbee enthusiasts, spicy nut chefs, music aficionados, amateur bookies, trivia experts, developers, marketers, and writers?

Enterprise software, obviously.

If you told one of us three years ago that we’d be working diligently to disrupt the business software purchasing process—well, we’d probably have laughed. And then asked you why you were in our home going on about analysts and pay-to-play and transparency.

Tim Handorf, our president, likes to remind us that the original vision for G2 Crowd—before a business model was ever discussed—was simply a place that was a joy to come into work every day with a group of people that support each other and believe in the company’s mission. As we’ve pivoted left and right, figuring out how to get buyers the very best crowdsourced knowledge we can, that vision hasn’t changed. G2 Crowd isn’t an anonymous website, it’s a close, passionate team working hard for software buyers.

So, we’d thought we’d give you a minute and a half glimpse into why we think G2 is so special. The video below is a peek into the culture of G2 Crowd, where we spend so much of our time doing our best work.

Listen, let’s not be subtle. We just got $7mm, and we’re hiring. Come be a part of this fabulous, smart, handsome, funny, (and humble) team. Check out our careers page, and let us know what you’re passionate about.