The Best Features of Payroll Software

Anyone in the accounting field, and even those who are not, know that payroll can be a hassle. Dealing with employees’ money is an important, tedious process, hence why many companies decide to implement payroll software.

But certain features of payroll software really make it a lifesaver for many businesses and help many decide which payroll software option they may want to implement. According to G2 Crowd reviewers, there are five features of payroll software that are the most important. We have listed the top-ranked features and why reviewers deemed them the best.

Direct Deposit

Reviewers gave this best feature a 92 percent satisfaction rating because of just how helpful it can be. By now you’ve probably learned that most employees prefer direct deposit payment because of how effortless and efficient it is, but you want it to be the same ease for the accountant who sets it up. Being able to use software rather than paperwork to set direct deposit up and manage it makes the process more accurate and efficient for you, the accountant, not just for your employees.

Check/W-2 Printing and Delivery

This best feature goes hand-in-hand with with the ease of direct deposit. Instead of having to manually print each employee’s check and hand-deliver them, let the software do the work for you! It doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but it will definitely be an efficiency booster in your business. This feature received a 90 percent satisfaction rate.

Tax Calculation

Tax season is most certainly the most stressful time of the payroll period. It’s tedious and needs your utmost attention, and that’s why reviewers gave this best feature a 90 percent satisfaction rate. Using a payroll software helps you determine your calculations are correct for the IRS.

Tax Filing

All of the tax features ranked very high among users, with this best feature specifically getting an 89 percent score. Filing your taxes correctly is important to avoid trouble with the IRS, so being able to use an automated, intuitive program is key for businesses to do it accurately.

Automatic Tax Payment

This tax feature also received a 90 percent satisfaction rate. The payment is worth the work of filing the taxes, so you want to make sure you receive it. A payroll software will make sure you receive it automatically.

Payroll, and more specifically taxes, are labor intensive and important. Having a software to help you with these tasks is great, especially if you’re using one with intuitive, efficiency-boosting features. Look for a software that will help with direct deposits, check printing and taxes, and you’ll surely breeze through payroll and tax season while also completing them correctly.

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