HR Software to Help Small Businesses

For accumulating HR tasks, there is software that can serve small businesses (50 employees or fewer) with a streamlined approach. Owners and HR department heads looking to make their growing company and growing HR team more effective can gain from exploring the options within each category:


Payroll software is fairly straightforward. It calculates and deposits employee pay, taxes and other withholding and benefits, as well as creates checks or direct deposits. A standard category with many options, payroll is frequently included in an HR suite, or with other categories of HR software listed here, but is available in a very simple, standalone form. Using payroll software specific to small businesses is highly suggested because it can affect your fee structure, should you choose a plan that charges per employee plus a base rate on assumption of business size, for example. The automated calculation and withholding of taxes, no matter how small your business, is well worth the time and investment.

Core HR

Core HR software is for storing existing employee information, which they and the company can easily access and update in a centralized information system. It can integrate and overlap with other software but acts as a central database with correlating functions. Ideal Core HR allows for custom creation and storage for unique fields and documents, and it’s good for keeping accessible records of tax, benefits and pertinent core employee information. It can integrate and exchange information with other HR applications and software systems from a third party or within the company. It can also be part of a suite.

Zenefits is a leading proven small business Core HR solution for HR teams. Information is accessible in proximity to relevant tasks, such as clocking in and out on the same dashboard as payroll information and paid time off. While there is overlap in tasks offered between Core HR and other HR software, HR teams will find the key trait of importance is a central information database for existing employees linked to a number of correlated tasks that can be expanded into use with other software. Time is saved on both ends because employees will have direct access to information they would otherwise have to access through HR correspondence. Another important part of Core HR is compliance with all HR rules and regulations. This can save a lot of time and hassle and speed up HR department training in these areas by serving as a consistent reference.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Prevent qualified applicants from falling through the cracks and reduce time spent reading and reviewing applications, as well as keep relevant information on file until you decide where to go in the recruitment and hiring stages. New hire transition can be comfortable and smooth. Interactions can focus on the quality of training and integration rather than trying to continually reassess new talent progress in the onboarding process. The relatively small pool of small business AT software reviewed here by consumers are able to post jobs to relevant job search and recruitment sites, collect and screen resumes and appropriate attachments, manage candidate information and enable correspondence between hiring manager and applicant. A product like Zoho integrates with a number of third-party and standalone software, and most options allow you to try or request a free trial.

Workforce Management

This type of software can be included in an HR management suite or in standalone form. It is commonly integrated within HR departments, or in companies without a traditional HR team. Workforce management typically includes projecting labor demands and contingency, managing employee schedules including vacation time and leave, labor efficiency reporting and analytics and tracking employee attendance. Employee information, attendance, review, recruitment and projects can be clarified and organized with an automated approach to admin cycles and paperwork.

Consumer reports generally conclude that even one type of HR software implemented into a small business plan can significantly relieve the easily accumulated mass of information and small repetitive tasks that comes with the care and management of building a great workforce.

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