Best Photo Manager for your Business

Every company has media assets. Maybe this consists of a few company logos and some photos from company events. Or, maybe your company has a large catalogue of product photos or a portfolio of previous projects. Organizing substantial collections of photos in a simple file system requires fastidious attention to file hierarchies and naming conventions, and even then, delving into a file to parse through slowly-loading, nearly identical photos is exasperating.

Manage Company Photos with Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management software specializes in making media files easy to find and easy to use. These include photos, videos, design and audio files, and other digital media. Namely, they enable you to implement a system of tagging photos with relevant information, which in turn allows enhanced filtering and search functionality. Browsing images in DAM systems is also faster, as they’re designed to load and preview images quickly and use less memory.

G2 Crowd helps buyers select software by collecting reviews from real business users about the software that they use every day. In surveys of DAM products, users are asked to rate their satisfaction with how the system manages different media types along with various other DAM features. The upcoming Digital Asset Management Gridsm Report summarizes how users reviewed different systems, how DAM products perform across the breadth of their functionality, and how satisfied reviewers with each vendor’s customer service and support.

The products below are ranked accorded to how well they manage photos. For this question, reviewers are asked only rate the DAM’s management of photos and not consider other features or its breadth of functionality.

How well is the software optimized to load, preview, search, and edit image media files?

Bynder 99%
IntelligenceBank 99%
Widen Media Collective 98%
Brandfolder 98%
MerlinOne 98%
Libris 97%
Daminion 96%
Cumulus 96%
Smartimage 96%
Flight 96%
Asset Bank 95%
Censhare 94%
WebDAM 93%
WoodWing 91%
MediaBin 90%
Extensis 90%
assetSERV 88%
Xinet 87%
ResourceSpace 84%
Average 94%

For each product, the above question was answered at least 5 times, and each product received at least 10 reviews overall.

Evaluating photo managers? Purchase the full Digital Asset Management Gridsm Report, visit the DAM category page to compare products and read reviews, or read our buying considerations to help prepare a shortlist of products.