Keeping Tabs: August 2015

You know when your browser has so many tabs open, that you can hardly find the X to close them and Chrome sloughs along like a snorlax going the wrong way on an airport moving sidewalk?

Every so often I go through and close out of all the extraneous news stories, editorials, infographics, listicles, tips, wikis, and forums, and I’ve decided that I’ll start dropping the interesting ones here. That means you get to watch with the same fascination as an episode of Hoarders what internet artifacts have been lurking on my desktop. You lucky dog.

Tech Industry

—Tech companies suffering after stock market downturn this week. “Fear mode” among investors likely to persist, even as volatility levels out.

—A longform story on public highschool, P-TECH, backed by IBM, education, and diversity in tech.

—Former CIO on how technology vendors sell or should sell to enterprises.

—Steve Boese provides a real-world HR example influenced by teens’ distaste for email.

—Has Burning Man become the premier Silicon Valley networking event?

—The 20th anniversary of Windows 95.

Acquisitions, Mergers, Funding, Releases, and Corporate Shenanigans

—Google reorganizes itself under new parent company: Alphabet.

Microsoft buys FantasySalesTeam, the sales gamification platform, for use in its CRM offering.

—Sysomos acquired Expion (The former is social media monitoring, while the latter is SM management)

Oracle purchases A/B testing platform company Maxymiser.

— releases Lightning, redesigning its core CRM and extending Salesforce 1 application platform for business users.

—Intercom raises $35M in Series C funding to support the Intercom user communication platform.

Non-profit grant proposal software company Fluxx raises $10M.

—Intuit has laid off more than 500 employees this summer.

Customer Service

2015 State of Multichannel Customer Service. 61% of customers expect brands to respond via social media within 24 hours.


MailChimp releases a public and open-source content style guide.

BoJack Horseman on content marketing.


Study shows advertisers are relying more on programmatic advertising as the technology improves.


—Short documentary on living cyborg, Neil Harbisson, who hears colors.

Machine Learning

—TechCrunch details the “radical transformation” machine learning will bring to software.

—Here’s a really sweet animated machine learning explanation that illustrates what the heck it is.

—Airbnb released an open-source machine learning program in early June that shows users the optimal price to post their rentals.


—Machine learning is a kind of artificial intelligence, which was a hot debate topic recently. Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk officially disavow AI military technology and call for international regulations.

—Boris Sofman, CEO of Anki, reassures us that (despite Uber’s probable driverless cars) we will not be ruled by robots any time soon. Whew.

—Here is the Wiki for “artificial consciousness” if you want to get lost in a philosophical rabbit hole for a couple hours.

Open Source

—TechCrunch story about the revolutionary force of open-source. (I guess Airbnb is revolutionizing on all fronts.)

—Reminiscent of another post about the disruptive effect of open source software, my coworker sent me this link to Tomasz Tunguz’s blog. Tunguz gives a fascinating breakdown of the open source market.

—The US House of Representatives now has the green light to utilize open-source technology, which gave way to the formation of the Congressional Open Source Technology Caucus.

Collaboration and Management

Why Teams Fail. 62% of project managers are “uncertified.” That’s just a stat, not a reason.

—Twitter advisor, Kim Scott, says “Good managers give a damn.

—Bloomberg ran an expose on Reddit’s nine years of “absentee management.”

Startups and Entrepreneurship

Ash Maury AMA: The author of Running Lean participates in an ‘ask me anything’ on GrowthHackers.

—Arthur Attwell bemoans the startup industry: “Why I won’t run another startup.”

Y Combinator awards funding to founder that submitted personalized burial urns as presentation.

—A rundown of 16 startup metrics from venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz.

—If you caught the first republican presidential debate, you might have noticed a question about entrepreneurship in the US. FiveThirtyEight points out in their coverage that despite the hype around startup culture, entrepreneurship in the US has been on the decline for decades.

“Enterprise Software”

—An amazing software reverie/rant on reddit from 2008 that includes this gem:

But before they do this, they shake each circuit over a cardboard box. “Why do you do this?” I asked.

“To get the software out,” replied the foreman. He then scrawled on the side of the box, ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE. “When we are done repairs, we will put it back.

“Apropos of nothing, do you have your Federation credit card on you?”

Featured image created by Patrick Dubroy for his study on tabbed browsing.