5 Apartment Management Tools for Property Owners

Managing apartments is different from managing other types of properties — no one has to tell you that. Multiple tenants means multiple units with their own specific issues and concerns. You need a tool that can keep up.

Property management software can do that for you. These tools automate how you manage your properties and have both accounting and leasing functions. The solutions below were noted by members of the G2 Crowd community as specifically being useful to apartment managers.

This list is arranged by user satisfaction. We include information vital to anyone on the market for a new apartment management tool — pricing, integrations, ratings, features and user reviews.

5 Apartment Management Tools for Property Owners Apartment Management Software
Buildium Apartment Management Software

Product Name: Buildium
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Why you should consider it: Buildium is a tool that allows property owners to deal with their property accounting, payments and maintenance requests. One Buildium review commended this tool for being so user friendly.

The review went on to say, “The layout and design is simple with most commonly used features within easy reach. There are so many reports so if an owner requests something there is usually no issue accommodating any request. Ledgers are easy to understand for employees and tenants.”

Features: This tool offers accounting and reporting, online payments, leasing management, electronic leases, tenant screening, maintenance management and more.

Buildium pricing: Buildium has two different plans available — Core at $150 a month and Pro at $200 a month.

Integrations: Trulia, Lovely Pro and HotPads

On-Site Apartment Management Software

Product Name: On-Site
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Why you should consider it: On-Site streamlines the apartment renting process. It has functions to make advertising, lead management, online applications, background checks, e-signatures and easier.

An On-Site review called the decision to use this tool the best tech decision his business has ever made. He went on to say, “…the flexibility of the platform has been the biggest boon to our success. We are continuing to transition into a paperless environment. Online leasing, document storage have improved our ability to move to a cloud-based platform.”

Features: This platform offers three different plans. The Student Housing plan, which offers media rich websites and conversion rates with lead management. The Affordable Housing plan features affordable ad campaigns and allows you to build custom calls to action that track your demographic. The Multifamily plan drives traffic to your site with AdBlast and can manage your online reputation and SEO analytics.

On-Site pricing: Contact On-Site to get a quote.

Integrations: Contact On-Site with all integration inquiries.

Building Engines Apartment Management Software

Product Name: Building Engines
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Why you should consider it: Building Engines helps manage operations and tenant service by automating hundreds of tasks through its platform. One Building Engines review praised this product, calling it “versatile and dynamic,” and recommended it for all commercial property managers.

The review went on to say, “They have thought of almost everything. You can keep it simple or make numerous detailed adjustments depending how detailed you want work orders or tenant notifications. We really like the ability to upload photos and the phone app. This is extremely handy when managing properties off-site. Great property management tool.”

Features: This platform connects all processes and people involved in property management. Building Engine automates the workflow for processes like work orders, tenant service, asset and equipment maintenance, operational risk management and communications.

Building Engines pricing: Your customized price consists of an annual subscription license fee and a one-time system setup and configuration fee.

Integrations: Building Engines integrates with a variety of platforms, such as accounting software, emergency notification software, data collections systems and more. Contact the Building Engines team directly for specific integrations inquiries.

AppFolio Property Manager Apartment Management Software

Product Name: AppFolio Property Manager
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Why you should consider it: One user discussed her favorite feature in her AppFolio Property Manager review: “It has a lot of great features, but the one I like the most is the ability to text message the tenants and owners through the site.

“We get a lot of phone calls on a daily basis, so if I am able to message someone it can save me a lot of time. I also like how they offer courses or seminars on how to work their new features that they introduce.”

Features: AppFolio Property Management is a cloud-based tool that allows apartment, residential, student housing and homeowners association property managers to market, manage and grow their properties.

This platform allows instant access to reports and statements, the ability to post vacancy ads, the option to accept online rental applications and leases, resident screening, and more.

AppFolio Property Manager pricing: The Residential plan is available for $1.25/unit, the HOA plan is available for $.80/unit, Commercial is available for $1.50/unit and Student Housing is priced at $1.25/unit.

Integrations: Facebook, Twitter and more

Yardi Voyager Apartment Management Software

Product Name: Yardi Voyager
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Why you should consider it: One Yardi Voyager review said, “What I like best about Yardi Voyager is the amount of online references and quick search features that help new and seasoned users navigate through the various menus and options to find exactly what they are seeking.

Going from a CTI platform to Yardi Voyager was an easy transition due to the amount of reference materials that Yardi Client Central makes available. It makes performing our client accounting functions very easy and effective.”

Features: Yardi Voyager allows users to execute leasing, provide resident services, view dashboards and complete tasks all from one centralized database.

Yardi Voyager pricing: Contact Yardi for a quote.

Integrations: Contact Yardi Voyager for all integration inquiries.

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