5 Free Commercial Property Management Tools for Your Business

Managing properties is no easy task. Landlords and managers have to put in money to help their properties flourish, and they need tools to keep track of those properties. Don’t spend extra money when you don’t have to. Take a look at these five free commercial property management software options.

Top Free Commercial Property Management Tools:

  • 123Landlord.com

    This platform is a user-friendly property management tool that allows you to manage all things related to your tenants and properties. Collect payments, track expenses, prepare work orders, perform credit checks and more with 123Landlord.com. There are multiple plans within this platform, with the basic plan being free of cost.

    The basic plan still includes the same modules, reports and support offered to the paid plans. One user wrote in her 123Landlord.com review that her favorite feature is the ability to keep track of issues and vacancies in units.

  • Cozy

    Cozy is the first modern service catered toward independent landlords. This free property management platform is for landlords and property managers to manage online rent payments, rental applications, tenant screening and more. One Cozy review said this platform is “so simple it makes me want to buy a building.”

    The review went on to say, “Cozy has changed the game for landlords and agents alike. [It] really is a one stop shop. It makes it easy to deal with vacancies and keep an eye on upcoming rentals so I can start marketing early. And it is very organized and easy for your staff to learn. [There is] almost no learning curve.”

  • TenantCloud

    This is a free property management solution that tenants and landlords can utilize in tandem. TenantCloud allows specific users to pay and collect rent online, communicate with one another, store all rental information, post move-in/out pictures and send maintenance requests.

    It is a cloud-based solution and completely free to use. TenantCloud also offers e-sign rental agreements. A TenantCloud review praised the design, seamless navigation and customer support.

  • SimplifyEm

    This free property management tool is geared toward saving real estate investors time and money. SimplifyEm and its platform offers one plan catered to landlords, and another catered to property managers.

    One SimplifyEm review said, “I manage my properties with this property management software, and I don’t have enough words to praise it. I do not need to visit my tenants every month to collect rent, instead, I collect it online. It has [an] integrated payment collection system.”

  • Rentec Direct

    Rentec Direct has multiple plans to chose from, one of which is the free Basic plan intended for landlords managing 10 or fewer properties. With this free property management tool, landlords can track income and expenses. Rentec Basic includes a comprehensive ledger accounting system complete with all the essential reports. This tool gives landlords property and tenant accounting to keep record keeping easy.

    There is a tab-based navigation to switch between your properties’ and tenants’ profiles. Rentec Basic also allows you to screen potential tenants. You can check out their history, such as any criminal background or issues paying rent on time.

Don’t be deterred if there is not an option on this list that fits the bill for you. Many property management tools out there offer free or low-cost plans.

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