Wireframing vs. Prototyping: It All Comes Down to Fidelity

If you’re not a gearhead, one of the first things you probably consider when buying a car is its design. If you don’t care for performance, one of the first things you probably consider when buying shoes is how they look. The point is, the way things look influences the decisions consumers make. It’s the job of the designer to create a palatable product and failure can be catastrophic.

To avoid failure, many designers look to wireframing or prototyping tools. This software allows designers to create mock ups or blueprints of their product, website or application. The difference between the two types of tools is the level of fidelity they offer. Low-fidelity tools fall under the umbrella of wireframing; this software allows for things like simple sketches and page layouts, but won’t enable you to construct interactive mockups. Meanwhile, prototyping tools are higher fidelity, allowing you to create models that are close to or as functional as the final product.

Many may wonder why there’s a need for both tools. In fact, some designers insist it’s wise to scrap wireframing altogether and go straight to prototyping. The truth is, they may be right, at least in part. Which of these tools you should use depends on the project you’re doing and the context around it. You’ll want to ask yourself a multitude of questions to decide which of these tools is right for you.

Design Phase

To start, you’ll want to consider just how fleshed out the idea is in your mind. If you already have a good idea of what your design is going to look like, maybe skipping the wireframing process and going straight to prototyping is right for you. If not, wireframing is likely the way to go. One of the huge advantages provided by wireframing products is the ability to create several iterations of your design.

If you are building a website and know what you want to accomplish functionally, but aren’t yet sure the best design to do that, wireframing enables you to produce loads of potential designs quickly and affordably. This generally bodes well for future success, as the more iterations you create, the more likely you are to find the ideal design.

Design Team

The size and makeup of your design team is a crucial factor in determining the right tool for you. The larger the team, the more crucial a mock-up with a sound foundation will be. So, if you have a large team, a wireframing product will be a good way to ensure consistency across the product. Conversely, if you’re the lone designer, you’ll likely have a strong grasp on the vision you’d like to make a reality. That singular vision may make a wireframing tool expendable.

The Nature of the Project

Complex projects typically require high-fidelity mock-ups. For example, if you are designing an application with complex transitions and high levels of interactivity, a wireframing tool won’t have the fidelity to display these functions. However, if you are designing a simple website with little interactivity, it’s likely in your best interest to use a wireframing tool to design a mock-up and forgo the prototyping stage altogether. Understanding the needs of your project can be an incredible saver of both time and money.

Both prototyping and wireframing software can be incredibly valuable assets to a design team, and choosing the right one for your team can be the difference between wild success and falling flat on your face. While these tools can be of great use, be sure not to overestimate their value. It’s not uncommon for a wireframing tool to lull you into a false sense of accomplishment—just because you’ve built the foundation doesn’t mean you’ve completed the final product. When it comes to prototyping, confirm that it is actually a necessary tool for the job. Prototyping work can be time consuming and expensive, so make sure it’s not just some shiny toy but a necessity.

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