How to Integrate Social Media Into Your HR Strategy

Are you finding that traditional recruiting isn’t working as well as it used to? Are the sites that you use to scour for resumes becoming stale? Are you not finding any ideal candidates?

Social media is filled with viable, impressive talent. Millions of people frequent these sites every day and could scroll past one of your posts at any moment. This is an untapped pool of applicants, you just have to know how to properly use social media for HR purposes.

Now, 84 percent of organizations are using social media to recruit, and many are finding success. Here are three things you might incorporate into your social media recruiting tactics.

Draw in potential recruits with hashtags

The perfect candidate may not even be actively looking for a position. If you use your social networks wisely, however, you can attract people who probably weren’t even seeking out your company. Subtlety use your social media platforms for HR purposes, and your applicant pool can greatly increase. Hashtag trending topics such as holidays and pop culture references and more people will come across your company than using hashtags only geared towards job-seekers.

Use LinkedIn wisely

Posting your open positions on LinkedIn is one thing, but that’s such a passive approach. Be active and search for people who share the job title you’re looking to fill and reach out to them. You’ll not only be speaking to potential candidates who fit your desired criteria, but you’ll make them feel wanted, which is a positive way to convince someone to interview for your company.

Pay careful attention to insights

This is an especially important tip if you have brand-specific social media pages. Using insights and analytics allows you to see the specific audience showing the most interest in your career page. You can see if you’re sending the right message or if you need to adjust anything. Knowing how your message is working is a great strategy for your general HR plan. That way, you can alter your social networks’ message as well as on the traditional job boards.

Not everyone is using the job boards today. Not everyone sends out their resumes to potential employers. In fact, sometimes the best candidates aren’t even looking for a new job. A huge wealth of people are on social media, and it’s a great way to use it actively and passively for HR and recruiting. Use it wisely, and you could have an amazing group of candidates at your fingertips.

Social media is no longer just for catching up with old friends, posting vacation pictures and sharing the newest cat video. It can be a great asset to your company and your recruiting strategy. Many businesses have seen the success of integrating social media into their HR plans, and you can, too. Start posting, tweeting and hashtagging!

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