Building a Better Sales & Marketing Team With Technology [Infographic]

Technology has transformed the way salespeople and marketers interact with customers and one another. The combination of these two teams provides companies with the tools and structure to deliver the best experience to every customer, every time. Let’s take a look at the added value each piece of software brings to the table when utilized by both teams to perfect the buyer’s journey:


Create The Perfect Pair

Although they commonly belong in different departments, salespeople & marketers can work together to perfect the buyer’s journey when they follow these steps:

Create an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP):

When these two teams align to develop buyer personas together, they’ll develop corresponding strategies to drive revenue. An ICP gives both teams a clear target with identifying criteria like company size, industry and other attributes, and is the first step toward creating sales and marketing plans that complement one another.

Set Common Metrics:

Knowledge is power and when sales and marketing leaders share insight on initiatives, a truer picture of how their efforts are working develops.

Develop a Common Sales and Marketing Execution Timeline:

When everyone paddles in the same direction, efforts align and more goals are met. Seventy-seven percent of best-in-class organizations have a “good” or “strong” sales and marketing relationship according to a study from Aberdeen Group.

Remember – Buyers are People:

When sales and marketing teams work together to build a buyer’s journey, they close more deals and the company wins. Treating buyers as people – not just data points – must remain the top priority.

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