Brands use social customer service software to manage relationships with their customers on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Companies rely on this software to improve customer satisfaction, enhance perceptions of their brand and encourage customer loyalty. Social customer service software facilitates better communication between brands and their customers and is often used in conjunction with help desk, self-service and live chat software to develop effective customer service strategies.

Social Customer Service Software

The traditional customer service model has changed. Today, consumers take to social media to complain about a service (nearly 890 million complaints are made on social networks every year, with the vast majority posted on Facebook), ask a question about a product, or share a recommendation with their friends and followers. Social customer service software provides companies with a communication channel to answer questions and address complaints promptly. Businesses can identify negative posts from dissatisfied customers, resolve queries before a grievance escalates and use the software to manage their reputation across the social sphere.

Customer service is crucial for businesses in every niche, so more brands are investing in social customer service software to connect with consumers on social networks. Excellent social customer service proves beneficial: Internet users who have a positive experience engaging with a company on social media are three times more likely to recommend that brand to other people.

Some of the most widely used social customer service tools include Zendesk, TurnTo, Lithium and Conversocial.

The Benefits of Social Customer Service Software

Social media users expect speedy customer service. Thirty-two percent of consumers who have contacted a company through a social network expect a response within 30 minutes, and 42 percent anticipate a reply within 60 minutes, according to research from digital marketing brand Convince and Convert. Moreover, 57 percent of people who have contacted a company through social media expect a quick response at night and during the weekend, too. Social customer service software makes it easier to track complaints and queries across multiple social channels, and companies can respond to customers in a quicker time frame.

This software can save companies money on conventional customer service methods, such as phone and email, too. Businesses can handle up to eight times as many queries on social media than on the phone.

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