Beginner Social Media Managers Should Learn These Tools

A social media manager is still a relatively new species in the workforce jungle — a hybrid of marketing and content for the digital age. This juicy role is rapidly becoming a building block of success for companies both in and out of the tech space. Suddenly it’s impossible to imagine a modern business, or an older company that wants to keep up, without a healthy social media presence across multiple networks.

If you’re currently mastering the art of social media management, or are considering making the leap, you’ll want to get well-acquainted with social media marketing software. Unless you’re a middle schooler, it’s a tricky task to update nine different social network accounts several times throughout the day — let alone with valuable, engaging content. Social media marketing software is a family of products that helps keep numerous accounts up-to-date, while also measuring their impact and suggesting the optimal content to broadcast. These are endlessly valuable benefits for a brand in its quest to stand out amongst all the noise.

If you aspire to be the next great social media manager, here are some of the main software types you should get to know, any or all of which may become trusty sidekicks along your journey.

Beginner Social Media Managers Should Learn These Tools
  • Social media management

    Social media management software acts as a mission control hub for a company’s numerous social network accounts. Logging into these platforms gives users a basic view of each account’s activity (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. etc.), allowing them to schedule posts and track engagement. This is a perfect tool for ensuring your professional social networks are all up-to-date and stay in sync with their messaging. Many of these platforms will also recommend post content based on what works and what doesn’t as well as current events.

  • Social media monitoring

    A critical component of proper social media managing is staying relevant and timely with your messaging. You can keep your ear to the ground with social media monitoring software. This technology tracks content streams across various social networks, particularly related to accounts in and around your industry, and makes note of trends, breaking news and any mentions of your business. It can also be quite handy for staying privy to competitors — their hits, misses and what their customers are saying!

  • Social media analytics

    Social media analytics software digs deeper into your social feeds for varied helpful insights. Marketing teams utilize these products to gain an understanding about the posts with the best (and worst) success rates, including a breakdown of demographics and high-activity regions. Some social analytics tools also provide insights into consumer behavior, desires and other human-centric factors that can help shape future social media decisions and strategies. Companies will often determine and input personal goals within these platforms to judge analytics against, and have a real-time perspective of activity swings and trajectories.

  • Influencer marketing

    A key benefit of social networks is the wealth of wisdom from experts in your space, along with the potential for tapping into their audience. Influencer marketing software helps you identify the major voices in your industry — “influencers,” as they’re called — so you can establish communication and form a working relationship. Influencers can share your content and catalyze engagement with thousands of new faces. As a social media manager, correctly using an influencer marketing tool can be a turning point in your brand’s reach and impact.

  • Social media suites

    Social media suites are an enhanced form of social media management software. You can manage the full scope of activity across your company’s social network accounts, scroll through feeds, interact with followers, and analyze the effectiveness of your various posts — among other things.

Explore these software categories on G2 Crowd and read verified reviews to help determine which specific tools might work well for you. No matter where you are in your social media management career, understanding the technology at your disposal is paramount.

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