What You Can Learn About Your Competitors with Social Media Management

We’ve all been there, frantically retweeting to boost new followers an hour before a client report is due or grasping at what to post on Facebook to get more likes. Thankfully, social media management tools have made it simple to schedule content, plan giveaways and communicate directly with customers. However, they also provide ample tools that offer a competitive edge and make it possible to stay on top of relevant trends, uncover key influencers and scope out the competition. Find out what features our G2 Crowd users utilize to learn about their competitors and effortlessly target new audiences to make a difference in your business today.

Across the board, G2 reviewers value social media management platforms that allow teams to achieve success. The leading options are fluent across multiple platforms and allow scheduling and planning. For instance, our reviewers appreciate Hootsuite for its ability to manage several accounts on one integrated platform. According to our users, responding to questions and inquiries has never been easier, and Hootsuite also makes it easy to monitor the conversation.

With social listening, Hootsuite users can track certain words or references in streams, which are dedicated feeds targeted around keywords. Streams allow brands to smoothly join the conversation and respond to users. Hootsuite users can further grow engagement by setting up conversation triggers that respond with automatic answers, meaning your brand is always engaged. From following trending topics to seeing in real time what others are saying, Hootsuite makes it possible to easily monitor relevant brands and competitors. By tracking key influencers and uncovering relevant trends in any industry, your business can work towards boosting their impact by connecting with the right influencers. You can work together with entire teams and utilize Hootsuite’s analytics feature to understand and retarget your efforts for success.

Sprout Social is another platform our G2 Crowd users value for managing social media. Like Hootsuite, it is convenient to schedule postings and following up with users across various platforms. Sprout Social makes managing the conversation a snap as the platform logs conversations with users, making future interactions feel authentically personal. Readily come up with new blog ideas and brainstorm new products by keeping tabs on what your audience is responding to. Use Sprout Social monitoring tools to stay abreast of key hashtags and topics in streamlined, customizable trends reports. Another valuable feature is the ability to analyze your brand feedback and how individuals are responding to your company and your competitors. Valuable feedback is what can enable business to grow positively and address any issues. With robust social listening built around targeted topics, customer feedback will not fall on deaf ears — allowing you to fill the void your competitors are not fulfilling.  

Social Studio is another tool that opens the door to the capabilities of brand monitoring. For example, G2 Crowd users enjoy how Social Studio compares campaigns and marketing efforts along industry and competitor trends. Understanding the effects of competitors’ campaigns can push driven teams to find unique selling points that make their product or brand stand out. Similarly, Crowdfire is a powerful audience management tool for Twitter and Instagram users. G2 Crowd reviewers value the ability to target followers of relevant competition and grow a follower base. This feature can be expanded to an automated response that generates calls to action for increased growth.

A variety of platforms offer a social media edge that transforms how users understand their brand influence and how they compare to their competitors. With social media management, brands and users can capitalize on generating more meaningful connections across audiences that undermine the competition. Discover what social media management tools can help you “out-like” the competition today at G2 Crowd.