What Social Media Managers Dislike About Their Tools

The social media manager: An acrobat of sorts, balancing a hefty stack of plates that can topple in any direction with the blink of an eye. Which tools they use — and how stable their relationship with the tools happens to be — factors significantly in the success of this balancing act. There are a huge amount of social media management software, which we touched on recently with a piece on the top five tools for managing social media accounts. In order to paint a complete picture, though, it’s important to discuss the downsides.

No technology is perfect; if that were they case, there wouldn’t be a market for the 140-plus unique products among social media marketers and social media managers. If you’re a beginner social media manager, or perhaps a seasoned vet considering a software upgrade, you should consider what fellow users dislike about a specific platform equally as much as the benefits. From person to person, different types of flaws can be the gust of wind that brings down the plates. Reading reviews of social media management tools on G2 Crowd is a responsible way to “check the weather” and think about which specific quirks would spell trouble for your personal productivity.

Based on verified reviews of some of the biggest names in social media management software, here are some examples of what social media managers dislike about the tools they use in their roles. As with any relationship, there’s always a give-and-take and necessary patience. But if any of these critiques hit close to home with your own concerns, you may be better off looking for products where these issues aren’t in the picture.

Note: Ratings data included below is from G2 Crowd’s Summer 2017 Social Media Management Grid® Report.

Complaints in the “day in the life” of a social media manager include:

  • Limited interaction with posts.

Social media management products allow users to view feeds and schedule posts across the company’s many social network accounts. In the event a certain post sparks a conversation, some reviewers reported that they needed to open a different app or the standalone network on a web browser in order to interact. In these cases, users said it hampered the overall experience and felt like an unnecessary inconvenience.

In her AgoraPulse review, Shawneda C. wrote: “I disliked the inability to actually engage inside the app, I still had to utilize TweetDeck in order to be able to follow up with new followers and people who engaged with me on Twitter.”

Lenny H. said in his Zoho Social review that he disliked “not being able to exhaustively interact or engage with specific posts e.g. liking, commenting etc.”

If social engagement is a priority in your decision about social media management software, consider these tools that users rated highest for these features:

Products with highest Social Engagement ratings:
— eClincher (97 percent)
— Knackmap (96 percent)
— ShortStack (96 percent)
— NapoleonCat.com (96 percent)

  • Functionality with certain social networks.

To be 100 percent “hip” these days, businesses need active and creative accounts on what seems like a new social network every week. A 2014 ad by Adobe made light of this constant struggle: “Yo bro, you on Woo Woo?” “You kidding me? Everybody’s on Woo Woo!”

Unfortunately, a number of reviewers found that their social management tools didn’t deliver consistent features from network to network. Reviews brought up issues with Instagram and Pinterest repeatedly, and at least a few reviews brought up that their chosen platform lacked capabilities for YouTube altogether. In a world where success is increasingly measured by one’s ability to keep up with the Kardashians, any difficulty with posting to these social networks can be a major source of frustration.

In her Hootsuite review, Mallori H. wrote: “I also wish that I could do more with Instagram on Hootsuite. Some of the data you can get in Instagram’s app is not available on Hootsuite, and it would be really helpful to have all of that data in one place.”

If meeting all your requirements is a priority in your decision about social media management software, consider these tools that users rated highest in this regard:

Products with highest Meets Requirements ratings:
— eClincher (97 percent)
— Knackmap (95 percent)
— ShortStack (95 percent)
— NapoleonCat.com (94 percent)

  • Issues with analytics and reporting.

A recurring woe across the major social media management platforms was inconsistent, buggy or simply shallow analytics features. Select reviewers commented that hyperlinks didn’t appear on posts or randomly disappeared, making for shoddy performance data. Others just felt the general quality of reporting left something to be desired.

In her Sprout Social review, Melanie B. wrote: “The analytics part of the program could be a little better, more precise and easier to use. I would love to get a consolidated report and some more explanations of what things mean. Maybe the capability is there and I just don’t know how to use it, but for some reason, I feel like there is some room for improvement here.”

If social analytics are a priority in your decision about social media management software, consider these tools that users rated highest for these features:

Products with highest Social Analytics ratings:
— NapoleonCat.com (100 percent)
— eClincher (96 percent)
— Knackmap (95 percent)
— Social Report (95 percent)

Though social media management is a relatively new space, the widely used software faces the same issues that plague all technology. In their reviews of these products on G2 Crowd, social media managers brought up issues with bugs, visual aesthetics, clunky UX and cost. Each software is different and each user has a unique journey in using a tool for their job. But it’s wise to read as many reviews as possible and take note of what ruffles everyone’s feathers.

One bothersome flaw can be a death knell for a product’s impact, particularly when the tool is such an integral component in a role. And as the primary person using these tools, nobody can know the highs and lows of social media management software like the social media manager themselves.

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