Best Practices for Twitter Advertising

It’s no surprise that you’re ignoring a huge market if you’re not advertising on social media. Between Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, social media opens you up to a large market of varying demographics.

Twitter, in particular, is a powerful platform for social media advertising. Whether you’ve never tried advertising on Twitter or you’ve tried with little to no success, social advertising on Twitter is highly effective, but only if you follow a few key best practices.

Explain Your Product or Service, But do so Concisely

A LOT of people use Twitter. While that works to your advantage, you can’t expect all of the people who may come across your advertisement to know of your product or service. Be sure to explain exactly what your product or service does before attempting any more detailed “hard sells.”

Do remember that Twitter has a word limit and is designed for users who want information quickly. Keep your explanation short and concise with a few short sentences or a fun informational diagram.

Use Specific Calls-to-Action

Again, Twitter is the quick conversation platform. You need to be as direct with your social advertising tactics as possible. If you have any experience with sales or advertising, you know a call-to-action is a great way to get users to do what you’re expecting them to do. But since Twitter users are going to pass by ads quickly, you need to tell them EXACTLY what you want them to do. Try “buy now” if you’re promoting a sale or “register now” if you’re trying to convince users to attend your event.

Ask a Question

This social advertising tactic has proven to get advertisers 25 percent more clicks on Twitter. Asking questions on your Twitter ad is so effective because users no longer feel that you’re just trying to sell them something, but rather, that you’re engaging them in a conversation. When your brand feels more friendly, people are more likely to look at your promotion. Simply including a “?” can make a big difference.

Try Keyword Targeting

This best practice comes with a little trial and error. Experiment with using about 50 different keywords and then look at the analytics to see which ones perform the best. You may not get immediate results, but this will let you see what works and what doesn’t. You will no longer have to waste time and money on the ads in the future by figuring out which keywords prove to be ineffective.

Social advertising is certainly one of the most effective advertising tactics in today’s market. Social networks are wrought with a diverse set of potential buyers ready to look at your ad. Twitter, while a great platform for advertising, is also a beast of its own. Since Twitter users want their information quickly, you have to think of an eye-catching, powerful and fun way to get people to look at and open your advertisement.

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