Social FOMO: The Value of a Social Media Marketing Agency

FOMO: fear of missing out. It’s not just a term to describe millennials. Businesses can feel FOMO too—especially when it comes to social media. Every time a new social media platform is released, it’s natural for a business to want to jump on the bandwagon. But you shouldn’t dive into the unknown without a strategy. That’s where a social media marketing agency can help.

Know Your Content

Jumping on every social media platform without a thought-out strategy is a messy plan. You need to find out where your customers are before you decide where to go.

Think of your audience demographic. For example, Instagram and Snapchat skew heavily toward younger users. Businesses with an older audience will have more luck with Facebook, as 84 percent of users are between the ages 30 and 49. If you put your money on the wrong platform, you’re going to risk sending some mixed messages.

Gender can also impact which social media platform you should be on. Now I’m all about gender equality, but just as some brands skew male or female, certain social media platforms do as well—Pinterest, anyone? And as of 2016, reddit tends to attract more male users than female. So if your business’s target demographic is predominantly male, creating Pinterest boards may backfire on you.

Know Your Platform

One of the biggest mistakes you can make on social media is to simply recycle content across every channel you utilize. Every social media platform is its own unique channel and should be treated as such.

Facebook tends to be more conversational. Twitter is for brief updates or summaries. LinkedIn is strictly for professional conversations. Instagram is obviously to share photos. Every piece of content you create should be tweaked to fit these parameters.

If you don’t have the right content or bandwidth to fit these themes, you probably shouldn’t be on these channels. To that point, you shouldn’t be compromising your brand to fit a social media channel. You should find the right social media platform for you.

Know Your Resources

If that sounds like too much to handle, you don’t have to go it alone. A social media marketing company can help your business decide which platforms you should be on and manage those platforms for you. If you’re strapped for the resources and don’t quite have the expertise to produce effective content, this is a great option for you.

Social media is a powerful tool these days. When utilized correctly, it can boost your brand awareness. Experts at social media marketing companies stay on top of social media trends to ensure your channels will get maximum exposure. Using search engine optimization tactics, these companies can boost up your brand’s search engine ranking.

By using this strategy, a social media marketing company can also promote your brand’s values. As SmallBizTrends says, “Social media managers are trained to promote the positive images of your brand, without compromising brand values. These agencies are also skilled at helping social media users discover these values in a way most convenient for them.”

Long story short—a social media marketing company will focus on what’s important for your brand. And that’s not being on every single social media platform that pops up … it’s smartly utilizing your resources to ensure you have optimal exposure for your brand while gaining and retaining customers.

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