The Best HR Technology for Development and Hiring

You are vital to the challenge of assembling the employees and preparing them for success. Company-wide emails and education are just some of the ways that you promote unity and positive change in your business. The team also relies on you to see the “holes in the boat” before anyone else does and to be the catalyst for positive change and growth.

HR software solutions (e.g. recruiting, background check, interviewing, etc.) can be your best friend when sifting through the candidate pool and juggling dozens or even hundreds of potential fits.

Using tools like these can empower you with knowledge and perspective related to individual teams and employees so you can determine the priority areas for improvement before they have a domino effect.

How do human resources departments assist with recruiting and onboarding?

A stellar staff doesn’t just appear out of thin air. As an HR professional, you are vital to the challenge of assembling the employees and preparing them for success. Often this entails everything from writing the job listing to conducting interviews to eventually interviewing and presenting an offer.

Talent management platforms can be a huge help when sifting through the candidate pool and juggling dozens or even hundreds of potential fits. These include tools for recruitment marketing, pre-employment screening, applicant tracking and training — along with performance and compensation management tools for the hired team.

Many companies also work with staffing agencies and other staffing services providers to find qualified candidates.These services can complement your work and serve as an amazing resource to connect you with the cream of the crop.

Key Technology Resources

Talent Management Software
These tools enable management teams to better view how their employees are performing, and if any employees are at a high risk of leaving.

Staffing Agencies
Job boards, on-demand staffing and recruiting firms cover just about every resource necessary to find the best people to fill the roles you need.

How do human resources professionals aid in overall organization development?

Always growing and always improving — the most successful companies are never satisfied with the status quo. You and your HR team are the spirit captains of the organization and should always be identifying areas for improvement and opportunities to inspire.

With performance management solutions, you can evaluate your employees in real time and use this data to communicate with team leads and determine solutions. Sales compensation tools provides specific analysis for sales reps, in addition to compensation tools for commission-based roles. With this many critical insights, you truly have your finger on the pulse of the company and can offer the best direction for potential development.

Business-to-business services for training and development can help you get everyone on the same page and roll out new processes or initiatives. These tools and services can work in conjunction to ensure a consistent, smooth growth process that will keep you poised for success.

Key Technology Resources

Performance Management Software
These products help manage employee progress, performance and development in relation to organizational goals. They can help to facilitate meaningful and ongoing discussions between managers and direct reports.

Sales Compensation Software
In addition to managing commissions, these tools allow you to view quotas, generate reports and gain high-level insights into sales performance.

Training and Development Services
These business-to-business service providers cover soft-skill development as well as industry-specific knowledge. Some come in-person and others via e-learning.

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