Best Features of Task Management Solutions

While task management software can be included in larger project management suites, there is a small category of standalone task management software solutions that exists for individual operations. These are separate from large collaborative projects but are able to incorporate involvement in them. For any individual who wishes to integrate their overall work and life obligations into a model of higher efficiency, task management software is a worthwhile tool to consider for short-term and long-term goal setting.

Highest-Ranking Task Management Software Features

Each solution will emphasize different features. It’s helpful to think of task management software in tiers of lightweight, merger and advanced. With so many options to navigate, knowing what reviewers have to say about the different attributes of each software choice will help you have a better idea of what aspects of planning will fit your requirements for depth, complexity and frequency.

The best features in reviewer satisfaction for task management solutions are based on G2 Crowd’s Winter 2017 Task Management Grid℠, consisting of products with a minimum 10 G2 Crowd user reviews. Here’s why you might be interested in what G2Crowd reviewers have to say about them:

Performance and Reliability

How well do they adapt to your edits and nuances? Does your failure to complete a “task” result in endless irrelevant notifications that you can’t figure out how to shut off? Can you clearly edit a recurring task for one instance without altering a million other things? How intuitive is the interface and how much should it fit your style of execution? Does it sync well?

To-Do Lists

How much depth and sub-tasking capabilities do you need? Do you want to be able to make notes and comment in a group or individually? Do these to-do lists need to have an option for conditionals or charts?

Task Prioritization

How do you need to visualize your tasks in order to prioritize without forgetting your other items? Todoist, for example, offers location-based task assignments.

Collaborative Project Planning

We are focusing on task management—distinct from project management—emphasizing the ability to manage individualized units of work whether they apply to personal or collaborative projects. Task management software has some overlap with project management softwarehowever, there are many tasks that fall outside specific projects that are still too important and demanding to leave undefined.

Nevertheless, the option and style of collaborative project planning will play a significant role in selecting your task management solution depending on the frequency and depth of your collaborations. and TickTick are able to expand, but you wouldn’t use them for any large projects.

Task Creation and Assignment

Different software can create and assign tasks in a number of ways. Some are reward-based in the context of a simple game or the option of posting your completed tasks on social media. Others offer “Karma Points.” Wunderlist is highly rated, reliable and versatile with an easy user experience, according to a number of sources.

Task management software potentially helps scale back the clutter that can come from a surplus of micro-choices. It really helps if you’re frequently required to shift mental gears or balance a highly structured workplace with isolated—but equally important—tasks of managing your life that can fall through the cracks.  

The highest-rated Task Management products on G2 Crowd are Trello, Wunderlist and Todoist.

There are many other business benefits of task management tools, and reading reviews from G2 Crowd can help you find the best tool for your use case.

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