Workforce Tech Digest

Workforce Tech Digest: Edition VI

Wisconsin Company Wants to Microchip Its Employees

In what must be an attempt to earn the title of “most intrusive employer,” Three Two Market is offering free microchip implants to all of its employees. The Wisconsin-based company claims the chip will be used for things like opening doors and sharing business cards, but I can’t help but wonder if something more pernicious is at play. A piece of advice to Three Two Market employees: Defer the microchip benefit offering.

The Self-Driving Car Movement Is Getting a Boost

Autonomous vehicles are often the first thing cited when conversation turns to automation taking jobs. A common skeptic’s retort is it’s not an immediate concern because of all the policy decisions that need to be made on the matter, and we all know policy decisions are hardly lightning quick.

Well, in the case of the self-driving car, we may be witnessing the exception to that rule. Congress is moving fast to allow automakers and tech companies deploy hundreds of self-driving cars, a move which some believe may be dangerous.

China Looks to Gain Economic Dominance via Artificial Intelligence

China appears to be putting quite a few eggs into the AI basket. The Chinese government recently announced a scheme to “build an AI industry worth $150 billion.” With this initiative, the competition for AI supremacy is sure to heat up, and if China is as ambitious as it says it is, there could be a huge job market in China for developers and engineers.

Smart Headsets Are Coming for the Workplace

Don’t be surprised if sometime in the next few years you start seeing your coworkers wearing augmented reality devices. Microsoft and Google both appear to be taking steps to make this a reality. The devices, whether glasses or headsets, will, among a slew of other things, be able to provide live data to field workers.

The Big Picture

It’s important we don’t miss the forest for the trees, so each week I pick one piece that offers a macro view on how technology will impact the future of work. This week, we’ll look at different ways technology is creating upheaval in the workplace.

Weekly Longform

In case you wanted to take an extra-long lunch… Peg Tyre looks at a tech startup with a mission to educate children in the developing world.

Rec of the Week

This “Freakonomics” podcast considers what our economy would look like if we could take all the lessons we’ve learned and start from scratch. It’s a good listen, so go find your headphones.

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