3 Great Reasons to Join A Startup

A couple weeks ago, the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference took place in Houston, TX. The event drew over 12,000 participants who shared their passion and excitement around supporting women technologists.

I had the opportunity to hold a session at the Student Opportunity Lab, a resource for students who are looking for career or academic advice. My session discussed the opportunities and unique experience of working for a startup, focusing on how startups differ from employment at small businesses or larger companies.  Here are the top 3 takeaways from the session:

  1.     You create your own path to success. A startup aims to disrupt traditional ways of doing business through innovation and a redefinition of business practices. At G2 Crowd, this means that there is no single best answer to the challenges you come across. This creates a tremendous opportunity for you define your own best path to success and expertise.
  2.     You quickly have responsibility and ownership. The G2 Crowd environment, like most startups, allows you to make an impact right away, which means that you are able to contribute, learn and grow from day one.
  3.     You solve new problems while continually learning. At G2 Crowd we prize risk-taking and an entrepreneurial spirit. If you have an idea for how to do something better, you can have a role in experimenting with new approaches, and improving processes.

Whether you are thinking about joining a startup or another type of company, it is important to consider culture fit, to make sure that you will feel comfortable in doing your best work. G2 Crowd has built our culture from the bottom up, and it shows- learn more about our culture and what it means to join “The Crowd” full time.

About the author: Anna Muth is the Product Manager at G2Crowd.com. She comes to G2 Crowd with a diverse background spanning the retail, technology and marketing industries from fledgling startups to Fortune 250 companies.  Anna’s expertise in Analytics, Product Management and Usability is uniquely suited for the startup world.

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