crowd views fall 2016 digital transformation report

Introducing Crowd Views on Digital Transformation: Solving Common Enterprise Problems

Two weeks ago, during the Salesforce Dreamforce ‘16 event, we published our first ever quarterly report: the beginning of a series called Crowd Views on Digital Transformation. The report is available for download here.

The report is divided into two sections: a recurring section and a section that will change every quarter. The report is based on G2 Crowd community data including reviews data, stack data and surveys. For the recurring section the focus is on software that supports digital transformation. The evaluation each quarter is based on a satisfaction benchmark of solutions in five important solution areas that relate to digital transformation: workforce transformation; commerce; operational agility; customer experience—sales and service; and customer experience—digital marketing and platforms.

The relationship of the solution areas to the impacted business areas, business models, workforce, sales, marketing and customer service and business operations, will also be explored, and each subsequent report will drill into one of these in more detail.

Section two, the changing section, will provide information related to one of the solution areas or impacted areas, or additional clarification and information on digital transformation, all based on a fresh survey of the G2 Crowd community of over 160,000-plus members.

In the current report we looked at and prioritized a list of enterprise issues based on a survey of community members in companies of 1,000 employees or more conducted in June 2016. The report attempts to help companies prioritize the investment of resources and time on the most critical and impactful issues.

In the survey the most-cited issues with impact on business strategy were:
  1. Improving customer experience (72.7% of respondents)
  2. Integrating data across multiple platforms (62.2%)
  3. Finding and retaining the best employees (61.9%)
  4. Digital transformation (56.8%)

With these strategic blockers in mind, the survey and report then focus on two major areas: 1) Customer service and sales; 2) Workforce/employees.

For customer service and sales the top current issues were:
  1. Finding qualified leads (41.7%)
  2. Connecting with customers (40.6%)
We also looked at issues that had been addressed in the past and found that the top issues were:
  1. Connecting with customers (34.2%)
  2. Getting a complete profile of the customer (32.8%)
For workforce/employee the top current issues were:
  1. Difficulty finding, hiring and retaining the right employees (58.2%)
  2. Lack of collaboration and cross-functional communication (52%)
And the top past issues were:
  1. Lack of collaboration and cross-functional communication (29.7%)
  2. Changing workforce demographics (28%)

Lastly, the survey looked at the technology initiatives that were implemented in the past two years or were planned for the next two years around key systems that could help address the key business issues. The No. 1 system implemented in the past two years was team collaboration (50.9%), which is troubling since it is still the No. 1 current issue in the questions above. The next closest system in the plan-to-implement category is threat monitoring and warning security solution (43.5%). While considerably less than the No. 1 answer, it is still significant. Security continues to be top of mind for many, if not most, executives.

For next quarter, Winter 2017, we plan to focus on workforce, particularly on the current talent shortages in many key fields ranging from marketing to data science.

Crowd Views Report

The first edition of the G2 Crowd Crowd Views report.