How Wrestling’s Judging Trifecta Reflects Time and Employee Management Software

In the ancient Olympics, wrestling was insanely brutal. To win, the wrestler needed to throw his opponent to the ground three times, and only biting and gouging were forbidden. Weight and age classes were not a thing that existed.

Modern wrestling, however, has evolved into a highly instinctive sport that requires technique, stamina, quickness, and brute strength. Each modern wrestling match consists of two 3-minute periods with cumulative scoring. Each match is judged and directed by three officials: a referee, a mat chairman, and a judge.

In the same way multiple eyes are needed to accurately call a point, stop time to judge an infraction, or dispel any technicalities, software that can facilitate the keeping of time spent on projects or work and manage employees at scale is necessary to direct businesses on the path to gold.

Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.Dan Gable, retired American Olympic wrestling champion

The Referee

The referee controls the action on the mat, using his voice and a whistle to start and stop the action. He supervises the scoring of holds and infractions, points overall. Similarly, payroll software helps to keep track of all processes, streamlining efforts.

No one likes completing payroll (payroll and expense management software may be the two of the highest “avoid as long as possible” habits that drive accounting departments up the wall). Tracking the hours of a freelancer or a lawyer who charges hourly, or the management of part-time employees, can evolve into a giant headache. And that’s where payroll software swoops in and saves the day, allowing companies to easily keep track of their payroll processes.

Payroll tools typically include functionalities that calculate and pay salaries, account for benefits and payroll taxes, automate the payroll process, and print or directly deposit paychecks. Some payroll products are sold as a module of an HR management suite or integrate directly into core HR platforms.

The Mat Chairman

The mat chairman sits at the scoring table, keeps time, and declares technical disagreements (he is the arbiter in the event the referee and judge disagree). The mat chairman is a literal timekeeper during wrestling matches.

When it comes to running a business, that cheesy phrase “time is money” is rooted in fact. If a company’s workforce spends too much time on projects that don’t deliver or is constantly bogged down by the feeling of “there’s not enough time the day,” productivity will falter. Time tracking software is utilized by both employees and employers to keep track of time spent on projects, tasks, and other deliverables.

Time tracking software does much more than keep track of hours, as it encourages accountability and helps workers discover which activities or events are the primary causes of time wasting. Additionally, it keeps all time data centrally located. Many time tracking solutions offer workforce management packages that include time and attendance, scheduling, human resources, payroll, talent management and labor analytics. Ideally, time tracking software can tweak discrepancies in workflow to fix what is and isn’t working to increase profit, and automate a company’s payroll and billing operations.

The Judge

The judge sits at the side of the mat to keep score and acts as a second pair of eyes, alerting the referee if he feels the referee has missed something important or giving approval as necessary for the referee. Two of the three officials must agree on a fall to give a wrestler points.

In the same way, HR software buffs up the internal workings of an entire company by keeping up-to-date and managing essential things like individual employee records. Core HR software facilitates HR administrators’ overall management of those employee records by automating the systems and processes of elements like organization management, time and attendance, paid time off, compliance, expense management, salary structures and benefits administration.

By implementing core HR software systems, employers give HR professionals the ability to manage, engage and adapt with employees at scale – those HR administrators are no longer impeded by company size or a changing corporate environment. Because core HR software manages the ins and outs of the bodies that make up a company, products that are sold as core HR software address myriad functionalities, including payroll, workforce management and recruiting.

More enduringly than any other sport, wrestling teaches self-control and pride. Some have wrestled without skill – none have wrestled without pride.Dan Gable, retired American Olympic wrestling champion

The three facilitators of wrestling matches perfectly parallel an ideal strategy to manage employees’ time and performance at work. By taking a three-pronged approach to employee time and resource management, you’ll be able to ensure that you are monitoring processes, tracking time accurately, and managing the big picture of an employee’s career.

Judge, Mat Chairman or Referee?

Do you use time tracking, expense management, core HR or other tools to make sure your employees are worthy of a gold medal?

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