5 Simple Time Tracking Apps to Assist Your Business

With a business tool like time tracking software, users can often find themselves dealing with gidgets and widgets for a zillion tasks. Many of these products attempt to be Swiss Army knives of functionality and spread themselves across multiple categories — and in some cases, they don’t succeed in being great at one thing. And while certain businesses out there find joy in complex systems, millions of others live by the old mantra K.I.S.S.:

Keep it simple, stupid!

There’s nothing inherently wrong with software that is more “involved,” and for those who put in the time to learn and master these tools, they can potentially reap a bounty of rewards for their organization. But simple time tracking can be a pure and pleasant experience with a stupendous return on investment, with the time saved (and stress avoided) being subsequently redirected toward more demanding job duties. In other words, saving time on taking time is making time.

G2 Crowd houses hundreds of reviews on time tracking apps from real users like yourself, with data collected on aspects such as Ease of Use and Ease of Setup. The simplest ones aren’t always the overall best time tracking apps based on the full scope of metrics, but each of these tools gets the job done for a variety of businesses while “keeping it simple, stupid” — which carries significant weight for those who value simplicity.

Based on review data as of October 24, 2017, here are the five simplest time tracking tools according to real G2 Crowd reviews.

5 Simple Time Tracking Apps to Assist Your Business
MInute7 Simple Time Tracking

Minute7 (97 percent Ease of Use)

Karen S. writes in her Minute7 review: “We love how the platform is easy to set up for the whole office, that it completely syncs to Quickbooks so the staff can pull down to select the project and task and enter in their time each day. It has made our invoicing go so much faster!”

TMetric Simple Time Tracking

TMetric (98 percent Ease of Admin, 97 percent Ease of Setup, 96 percent Ease of Use)

Joe P. writes in his TMetric review: “The interface is a breath of fresh air. I was able to hit the ground running from the start due to the easy-to-navigate UX. I can’t believe that this tool is free. I will be recommending that my colleagues with larger user bases try TMetric as a replacement for their unruly time management solutions.

“If you’re looking a simple way to get deep metric reports of yours and your employees time spent then this is the product for you.”

Buddy Punch Simple Time Tracking

Buddy Punch (98 percent Ease of Setup, 96 percent Ease of Use and Ease of Admin)

Beverly B. writes in her Buddy Punch review: “Buddy Punch is very easy to use and payroll is a snap. It’s very functional — approving and downloading timesheets couldn’t be easier.”

AccountSight Simple Time Tracking

AccountSight (99 percent Ease of Use, 97 percent Ease of Admin, 95 percent Ease of Setup)

Whitney T. writes in her AccountSight review: “As an owner of my own consulting business — and dealing with multiple projects — this is a great tool that provides very easy-to-use web platforms that help me track billing hours in less than a minute after the meeting. It’s great for the client as we can pull customized reports on utilization and project tracking — and since it’s so easy to use — keeps overhead low on their bills!

“This is a fast and easy way to allocate hours by project. This is particularly interesting for clients to be able to see how much time/resource is being allocated to each project stream. The software is easy to use and very flexible — making it ideal to manage an evolving new business!”

EBS PaySuite Simple Time Tracking

EBS PaySuite (97 percent Ease of Use and Ease of Admin, 94 percent Ease of Setup)

Lance T. writes in his EBS PaySuite review: “Easy access to timekeeping data, the system is easy for staff to use and it works. The software interfaces with our payroll system with minimal extra work. It allows us to keep all timekeeping related functions in one place. With a few clicks our payroll clerk is able to collect, check and export the timekeeping data for uploading to our payroll system. Staff and their supervisors can easily check PTO balances and make/approve requests for time off. From an administration standpoint, the system is pretty hands off, once it’s installed very little work has to be done to maintain it. Finance staff can get to the data they need both for reports and export/importing with minimal effort.

“It’s simple to use, simple to maintain and works for us.”

For those with K.I.S.S. on the brain, these time sheet apps can elevate your efficiency without making you work too hard for it. Read more about these simple time tracking products and other time tools on the corresponding G2 Crowd time tracking apps category page, and help others in their search by leaving reviews of your own! Simple as that.

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