Top-Rated Features of Time Tracking Software

The time tracking software features that boast the highest satisfaction rating in G2 Crowd’s Fall 2016 Time Tracking Grid℠ report can offer benefits for small-business owners interested in managing their in-house and freelance workers. With each employee’s unique way of working, time-tracking software can help focus on problem areas of the work and completion process and help tailor a more agreeable use of time or billable hours for all parties.

Mobile Time Tracking

This feature is especially desirable for freelance and telecommuting work. It helps the user remain focused on a task with a sense of accountability, while the employer can have confidence they’re receiving quality input from remote talent. With many choosing to adopt the use of mobile time tracking without any requirement from an employer but for the sole purpose of independent productivity, most can appreciate learning about this kind of software through a workplace initiative.

Tracking Time-To-Project

In the Paymo app, you can simply select a task within a project and begin tracking the time to complete it. To someone not familiar with this technology, Paymo might sound imposing or overly automated. But knowing that a clock is ticking somewhere in relation to a designated task can be very helpful for focusing rather than stressing about other aspects of a large project that needs to get done.

Billable Time-Rate Management

This allows the user to specify hourly or fee-based rates according to task, project, user, overtime and the like. There are good options for small-sized businesses offering this capability featured on this top-10 list. Paymo fulfills this category, along with a few other popular ones like Harvest and Toggl.

Ease of Completing Timesheets

Most of the top time-tracking software for small businesses includes easy-to-complete timesheets from user-reviewed best features. One Clicktime user wrote: “I also love the automated reminders for timesheet submission. It really cuts down on the manual ‘chasing’ of individuals to complete their timesheets!” From recording hours accurately to sending reminders and even the direct deposit and receipt process, time-tracking software can save a lot of time streamlining the entire pay cycle for small businesses with a diversified payroll structure.

Project Accounting and Revenue Recognition

A solution like BigTime garners many positive reviews from small business owners who have integrated this program with quickbooks, despite the fact that it is not accessible on all devices nor provides invoicing services. Sometimes you may find a very simple time-tracking solution saves you the most time in the long run.  

For something with the most top-rated features in one, Paymo and Harvest come to the top of our search once again for small businesses. A number of other traits can play into your selection of time tracking depending on your niche, but these are a good place to start.

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