Artificial Intelligence Trends

Artificial intelligence (AI) continued to be a major driver of digital transformation in 2017, with the rapidly advancing technology affecting business strategy and operations, customer interactions and the workforce itself. While these are all general and broad impacts of AI, they will continue to be important for businesses trying to keep up with rapid technological advancements in 2018.

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Emerging artificial intelligence trends for 2018
Open data and big data sharing

As businesses continue to accumulate and create massive amounts of data, there will be a need for data sharing unlike anything we have seen before.

Embedded AI

Embedded AI is a blanket term for the use of machine and deep learning inside a software platform that improves aspects of an employee’s day-to-day.

Machine learning as a service (MLaaS)

In 2018 and beyond, businesses will lean into the “as-a-service” strategy for AI, using the microservices from major enterprise vendors for “machine learning as a service.”

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