Cybersecurity Trends

Cybersecurity technology is forced to adapt to better combat the evolving digital threat landscape. Artificial intelligence and automation will play a large role in aiding IT professionals and improving their ability to defend against cyberthreats. Self-regulating defenses and continuous monitoring will increase security teams’ ability to identify and respond to threats.

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Emerging cybersecurity trends for 2018


Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are the go-to example of blockchain technology. But there are a wide range of businesses and industries planning to utilize the technology. In 2018, enterprise tech giants and startups alike will release blockchain platforms.

Risk-based authentication

Risk-based authentication (RBA) is a quickly evolving component of the identity and access management space. These tools weigh a variety of factors, ranging from the user’s physical behavior and device to their IP address and location.

Intelligent security systems

Today, data is more valuable than ever, and intelligent security presents a view into the future of cybersecurity. Human error will have less impact and machines will adapt to defend themselves from web-based threats.

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