Digital Platforms Trends

Digital platforms are constantly evolving, with 2017 paving the way for more decentralized networks, hybrid/digital business models and third-party partnerships within the enterprise. These shifts will no doubt affect PaaS and IaaS technology, but will also impact sales, marketing, human resources and other business professionals by changing the way we interact within B2B relationships. Read about 2018’s digital platforms trends



The popularity of microservices will continue to increase in 2018. Many businesses are beginning to migrate legacy applications to digital environments, with enterprise companies continuing to explore the possibilities offered by cloud-based and hybrid architectures in 2018.


Watching the container market grow in 2018 will be exciting to watch, especially as more companies are dropping the monolithic model and embracing containerized environments. The way containers and microservices play together will be an important factor for businesses looking to scale in 2018.

Serverless computing

Serverless computing allows businesses to enlist a third party to manage all of their core business functions using a pay-as-you-go model. This level of convenience and the cost-reduction possibilities will be of interest to many companies in 2018.

Digital ecosystems

Evolving ecosystems will focus on creating better customer experiences and driving impactful business outcomes. Microservices, containerization and serverless computing will play a part in new ecosystem creation, as the enterprise continues moving business processes to digital platform environments.

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