Adrienne Weissman Transitioning to  Senior Advisor and Investor Role at G2 Crowd

After helping build G2 Crowd over the past three years, Adrienne Weissman has decided to transition  from her operating role as Chief Crowd Officer and EVP of Partnership to advisor and investor..

Going forward Adrienne will remain actively involved in G2 Crowd as both as a senior advisor to our CEO and Executive Chairman and as a significant investor and shareholder in our company.

Adrienne has been instrumental in growing G2 Crowd from a small start-up she joined in early 2015 when we only had fifty customers, 20,000 reviews, and less than twenty employees all huddled in one small office in Highland Park, IL.  

In just three years later Adrienne was instrumental in helping grow G2 Crowd into  a global market leader with over one thousand customers, nearly 400,000 customer reviews, and nearly two-hundred talented employees across our two major offices in the centers of Chicago and San Francisco.  

Throughout her tenure Adrienne has been instrumental in developing and deepening key relationships and partnerships as well as our key enterprise customers.  As a core member of our executive leadership team, she helped us create, build and lead many functions including sales, marketing, business development, alliances, and customer success.   

In addition Adrienne initiated and sponsored a women’s leadership group at G2 Crowd, which Adrienne will continue to help sponsor as part of her senior advisor role.

We would like to thank Adrienne for her tremendous contributions to date, and we’re glad to have her actively involved as an advisor and investor going forward.   

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