LIVE: SalesMachine NYC ’17 Gridscape

Sales Machine 2017 will be taking place in New York City at the Metropolitan Pavilion on June 14th. Brought to you by Sales Hacker and Salesforce, this conference is self-described as “the sales conference for next generation sales leaders”. With valuable networking opportunities and sessions covering everything from “the XYZ’s of selling” to the “seven elements of a successful discovery call,” there will certainly be no shortage of things to learn and professionals to meet. With so many opportunities, it may be hard to determine which sponsor booths you want to visit. Luckily, you can use the G2 Crowd Sales Machine Gridscape to determine who makes your short list.  

Here, we’ve taken our signature G2 Crowd Grid and included the sponsors of Sales Machine with a G2 Crowd profile. While we normally compare solutions within the same category (all CPQ tools, all accounting tools, etc.), we’ve mixed it up for Sales Machine 2017 to give you a real-time look at how its sponsors compare in customer satisfaction (x-axis) and market presence (y-axis). The higher an icon is on the grid, the more well-known they are, and companies further to the right are more highly rated.

Take a look at the following, and don’t forget to submit the tools you use at work here.


Only CRM I’ve used and love it

”Salesforce has taken amazing strides to be a very useful, intuitive tool. Their system is designed to capture every little bit of data and each form is customized so that, not only is it convenient placing, but searchable allowing a deeply entrenched database of information which is organized very easily.”


Gong makes call coaching a breeze – even for a first-timer

Gong’s UI is streamlined, intuitive, and responsive. Particularly if you’re like me and you have to review several lengthy (~60 min) calls on a weekly basis, Gong’s variable playback speed is integral.”

Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign Makes Lives Easier

“This is an amazing tool for people who work in a virtual setting. It’s very easy to get multiple people to sign a document in order to finalize it. No more mailing, scanning, faxing, or waiting for colleagues to come into the office in order to get paperwork completed.”


Amazing Product

“This tool has proven over and over again that it was more than worth the investment. My sales team’s pipelines are up to date (I think for the first time since we got Salesforce) and I’ve been able to use the tool for several nasty projects (like updating country name formats, etc) that used to take days – and now take less than an hour.”

Apttus CLM

Best Contract Management system in the Market – Apttus CLM

The integration of Adobesign with Apttus CLM is a plus and it totally helps in e-signature process. Also the integration of Apttus CPQ and CLM provides a seamless experience for the users and helps them in achieving their goals.”


I use MapAnything everyday! Great product!

The customer support is amazing. Ryan K. checks in with me every couple of months and always has the answers to my questions or can point me in the right direction. Everything is easy to use and pretty intuitive.”


Lots to love with Vidyard

“Vidyard is a powerful solution that does quite a lot. It’s used cross-functionally so in addition to marketing your AE’s, SDR’s, and Client Success folks will all see value from it.”


Easy to Use and Very Effective

The complexity of the solution is very low – it’s simple to use and easy to navigate. The integration with Marketo (and the webhook build) helps to alleviate new duplicates from coming in. The free training and friendly support staff is an additional bonus.”


Inside sales team game changer!

“The individual scorecards have changed the way we do business – no more hunting for dashboards/reports and wondering if they’re correct. The scorecard is real time gratification for inside sales team members.”

Salesforce CPQ

Just what we needed to mature

SteelBrick CPQ brought much needed structure around our workflow. Now quotes are uniform and we can start doing some reporting based upon the data we are collecting. In addition to a great quoting tool, we use the document generation piece. What used to take almost an hour to do manually now only takes a few minutes.”


Simple, easy to use prospecting platform that lives where you are

I’m a big fan of LeadIQ’s sleek UI and UX. I’ve used competitors and it was very hard to get full adoption of those because of the complicated search, capture and import process of new leads. LeadIQ has made it extremely easy to do all those steps and import leads right to your CRM with a few clicks, to really support high volume prospecting teams.”