How to Build Your G2 Crowd Profile in Three Easy Steps

Guest Blog Post by Kara Brown
CEO, SmithBrown Marketing

Growing a business is hard. Regardless of how successful a company’s launch is, the need for new customers is the challenge that never ends. Business development is a 24/7 all hands on deck job, and any business leader or entrepreneur will tell you it’s everyone’s job to sell.

Our team at SmithBrown Marketing talks about business development a lot as we have some powerful goals. Only two percent of women-founded business reach $1M in revenue, and nearly 50 percent of all small business owners close up shop (either by choice or because they have to) within the first five years. We’re bucking the trend on the first of these frightening statistics. One way we do this is by getting the whole team to be evangelists and build our awareness pipelines. G2 Crowd’s new community-based services review platform is one of the tools we use to expand our reach.

How it works

1. Build a service provider profile

Building a service provider profile is easy. Start by searching for your company’s name here to see if you already have a profile on G2 Crowd. If your company has a profile and no one has claimed it yet, click the “Update this profile” button on the left side to claim your page.

If your company doesn’t have a profile yet, click here to unlock your profile and get started – it’s free!

When you have access to your new profile, upload your logo, fill out the company description, answer a couple multiple choice questions, and hit submit. It’s that simple!

Claim My Profile

2. Request Reviews

Once you’ve got your profile ready to go, you can contact your customers individually and ask for reviews, or you can launch a review request email campaign.  It is an easy process from your G2 Crowd profile directly to customers. Simply upload a contact list to your profile, use a provided email template, and hit send. I like using this service because it’s efficient and automates the request.

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3. Post a Link to Your G2 Crowd Profile on Your Website

Potential new customers can visit your G2 Crowd profile and check out reviews through an unbiased platform.  It’s a great way for people who are on the edge of making a decision to have an unbiased third party verifying the excellence of your work.

Now it’s time to start engaging with your customers!

how do i get more Reviews?

Now that you've got your G2 Crowd profile set up and ready to go, keep those reviews coming in! Download our campaign-in-a-box that includes email templates, social posts to get reviews and more.

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