G2 Crowd’s Highest Rated List

Everything you need to know about G2 Crowd’s new category feature, launched in December 2017.

What is the Highest Rated List?

The Highest Rated List is in every category that has a G2 Crowd Grid®. Buyers can click on the “Highest Rated” tab from category level pages for an easy, real time view of products ranked by satisfaction scores. Here is an example for the CRM Software Category:

When buyers go to the list they will first see an expanded view, showing detailed satisfaction data for each provider on the list:

The Highest Rated list exists for every category which has:

  • At least three products in the category
  • A minimum of ten verified reviews for each of those products

If a software or service category does not already have a list, one will automatically be created once the category has met these requirements.

Who is on the list?

The list features up to 20 products or services within a category which have the highest scores in satisfaction based on G2 Crowd reviews. This is the same G2 Crowd algorithm used on the horizontal axis of The Grid. Questions about our algorithm? Click to learn more.

Like The Grid, the Highest Rated list is updated in real time. So if you are on the list, your place may move up or down based on new reviews of both your product and others in the category.

If you aren’t currently on the list, you can get more reviews to assist your placement. The more reviews you get with high customer satisfaction scores, the more likely you are to get (or stay!) on the list.

Read 3 Steps to Create a Review Strategy for Your Business for a step by step guide to running a successful review campaign at your company.

How do I maximize being on the list?

Woo hoo you did it – you’re on the list! Here are a few ways you can maximize your dedication to keeping customers happy:

  1. Share the link on social media channels and let followers know just how much users love you.
  2. Link to the Highest Rated list from your website, making sure to list the category and date that you were on the list.
  3. Encourage your sales team to refer prospects to the list where they can see just how much your current customers love you!

how do i get more Reviews?

No matter how many reviews you have, recency matters to buyers. Download our free Review Campaign-in-a-Box for tools to implement a continual review strategy, including email templates, social posts to get reviews and more.

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