How to Boost Inbound Leads with any Review

Guest Blog Post by Kara Brown
CEO, SmithBrown Marketing

A bad customer review is a punch to the gut. To avoid it becoming a knockout to your business, however, a customer-conscious company will engage the unsatisfied customer with their three-step damage control protocol:

1. Apologize
2. Offer a solution
3. Ask the customer for a revised review when the problem has been solved

That may be oversimplifying a potentially sweat-inducing situation, but at least we know how to make the most out of a bad review. By responding to a review and fixing the problem, you show prospects that you are listening and provide high levels of customer service – if something goes wrong, you’ll fix it. A negative review is an opportunity to change the customer’s experience to a great one, and create a brand advocate in the process.

When it comes to a good review, other than sharing it via an email blast with the team or putting it up on the company testimonial page, do you know how to maximize its potential value and life cycle?

In 2004, after realizing the enormous value a customer review could offer, two former PayPal employees launched a startup business called Yelp. (You may have heard of them.) Whenever I’m about to try out a new restaurant, I always check Yelp before I go. When I see a lot of great reviews, I don’t hesitate to give it a chance.

G2 Crowd’s community-based review platform works the same way, except for niche software and service providers. With over 900,000 buyers visiting its website each month, the potential of one customer review to translate into quality leads is huge. It takes one hour to build a G2 Vendor Profile — see how easy the process was for me here.

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Once your profile is built, you can upload a list of contacts to your G2 Crowd profile and automate the process of asking them for reviews. Or, with an upgraded profile, take your hands off the wheel and let G2 Crowd steer inbound leads directly into your inbox. G2 Crowd will put your profile in front of customers who are actively looking for the services you provide.

Click here to add your product or service to G2 Crowd – it’s free!

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