Marketing Strategy: 4 Steps to Creating an Irresistible Value Proposition

Guest Blog Post by Kara Brown
CEO, SmithBrown Marketing

No matter your industry, you’re probably jostling for attention against countless competitors that all claim to do the same thing as your business. So how do you convince that promising prospect to take a chance on you? It starts with a well-defined value proposition.

Put simply, a value proposition summarizes what you do, whom you do it for and why you do it better than anyone else. People won’t buy from you unless you can clearly explain why they should. Remember: It’s about them, not about you. Instead of focusing on a laundry list of your company’s features, think about how you’re ultimately benefiting your customers. Do you help them process payroll more quickly? Simplify their IT processes? Whatever your strengths, start with “what problem do I solve?” to make your message more effective.

Another tip: Think facts, not fluff. And where can you get facts? From reviews, and your customers who write them. Using jargon like “innovative,” “leading” or “expert” without the proof to back it up will only make your prospects skeptical. Get specific about how you deliver value, from crazy-fast turnaround to your proprietary technology. And don’t forget to turn to reviews as testimonials and proof points, whether it’s reviews highlighting favorite product features or a responsive customer support team.

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Amplifying Your Message With a G2 Crowd Branded Profile

Once you’ve got your value proposition down, reinforcing it through multiple channels will help you grab the attention of more qualified prospects. On G2 Crowd, you can get your messaging in front of companies actively looking for the services you offer.

To create a profile that truly showcases your value, upgrade from a free profile and take advantage of some of these branded profile features.

1. Put it front and center

Leading with a clear, compelling value proposition helps prospects understand instantly if you’re a good fit. With a G2 Crowd branded profile, you receive additional options to customize your profile, including your banner image and CTA button text and link. Feature your company description and industry positioning directly on the page so potential leads can see what you’re all about. Add product and services information, photos, and FAQs to shorten the sales cycle and back up your claims. You can also share reviews on your website with custom widgets and web badges, establishing credibility on your own landing pages.

2. Helping is the new selling.

Equipping your prospects with the tools to choose with confidence can help you create stronger long-term customer relationships. Show your value by sharing presentation decks, case studies or downloadable content, such as infographics and e-books, through your branded profile. You can also feature customer reviews to give prospects a nudge — 93 percent of consumers find user-generated content (aka testimonials) helpful when making a purchasing decision.

3. Go visual.

Four out of five people would rather watch a video about a product than read about it, according to an Animoto study. With a branded profile, you can add video links to draw visitors in, whether it’s a quick animated piece about your services or a sizzle reel from your last event.  

4. Get more reviews.

With an upgraded profile, G2 Crowd will do the work for you reaching out to your customers to write reviews. For reviews to carry the most weight, you need both recency and numbers. According to our B2B study for 2018 with Heinz Marketing, the majority of buyers find reviews most valuable when they are 0–3 months old, and you have at least 11–50 reviews. Plus, reviews give you opportunities to create content from those fabulous testimonials. The more reviews you have, the more content you can create!  

It takes less than an hour to build a solution provider profile and start connecting with companies scouting for services in your field. With clear messaging about what makes you you, your G2 Crowd branded profile will work as hard as the rest of your team to bring in more qualified leads and sales.

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