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So, you’ve created your G2 Crowd service provider profile page. Way to go!

Your prior and existing clients have left you a couple of great reviews. Congratulations!

You’re even seeing increased inbound leads for your sales team. Now you’re ready to really amp up your profile and leverage G2 Crowd, and your company, to its fullest potential. Sounds like it’s time to upgrade to a G2 Crowd branded profile page!

While a free profile on G2 Crowd has a lot to offer your company, a branded profile opens up even more opportunities for your business to appeal to potential customers who are actively looking for services that match your offerings. There’s a classic saying in the marketing world, “Content isn’t just king, it’s the kingdom.” A branded profile gives you even more ways to show your company’s ability to deliver a premium service at a competitive price, while highlighting your internal thought leadership and innovation. That’s content you want in front of a potential customer.

With a branded profile, you now have the opportunity to explicitly state what makes your company and its services not only different, but better than those of your competition. Are there questions that you always seem to get asked in a pitch? You can proactively answer those questions using the FAQs page and give customers a clearer picture of your services. You now have the opportunity to not only describe your ideal customer base, but also how you are perfectly positioned to meet their needs over your competitors. Through the addition of videos, demos, introductory decks and any other go-to-market literature that you typically use on your website or in face-to-face client interactions, you can highlight your specific products, packages, pricing and overall value proposition.

A branded profile doesn’t just boost your profile’s content and appeal; it can also boost the number of quality client reviews on your G2 Crowd page. With this upgraded profile, G2 Crowd will reach out to your previous and existing clients for you. Now you’re saving time while increasing your reputation management and brand awareness efforts. Customer reviews are the new word of mouth, and can be huge drivers in a client’s perception of your company.

G2 Crowd has already helped you maximize your reach in terms of getting your company name in front of potential clients. Now it’s time to maximize the content a potential client sees once you’ve got their attention.

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