How to Find out Who is Looking at Your Website

Knowing how many people are visiting your website is great, but that bit of information only tells you so much. Simply put, you can only extract a little bit of insight about your company through sheer numbers alone.

Knowing WHO is visiting your site is the way to get a proper read on it, and it is not that hard to get that information. That is, if you use visitor identification software. Visitor identification software is able to identify even the anonymous website visitors. A visitor information software provides you the demographic information you need to gain better insights on your company and/or its products.

But why would you need to know so many details  about your website visitors?

Content targeting

Content has become a very powerful tool for marketing. But just like anything else, its effectiveness depends on your audience. If you don’t know who is visiting your website, it is harder to target content to the right audience. If, however, you know a number of your visitors all work for the same company, you can write something that appeals to their business, or, better yet, mention their business in an article. Just as magazine reporters write for a specific website, so should you. But you can only do that if you know your demographic.

Lead generation

Any marketing professional knows that marketing communications are only effective if the right people are seeing them. By using the information gathered from visitor identification software you can target the right audience. Since visitor identification software can pull phone numbers, emails, businesses and more, you can start sending your marketing materials and ads to the people who have already shown an interest in your company. It will also help you pinpoint other potential sales leads since you will have an understanding of what kind of industries your website viewers are coming from.

Company analytics

Visitor identification software shows you who was visiting your website today, yesterday and last year. Therefore, you’ll know who is looking at your site and why. If it’s not the audience you were hoping to attract, figure out if you want to change something within your company or if you want to change your mindset on your audience. You can even program visitor identification software to identify “high-value” visitors, so you know when your target audience is visiting and which pages they are viewing. You can even include this information in your company reports.

Many businesses have grown to look past the numbers and now focus on the “who.” It’s always good to have a lot of people looking at your website, but if it’s not the audience who will use your service or buy your product, then what’s the point? Visitor identification software will extract important demographic details from “anonymous” visitors, showing you what you are doing right with your website and, sometimes, what you are doing wrong.

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