Making International Calls Cheaply and Easily

Anyone who has made an international call knows just how expensive it can be. It is rare to even make an international call for personal reasons, unless it’s regarding an emergency, simply because of this cost factor. It is just not worth the astronomical fee.

As a business, however, you cannot forgo making international calls because they are too expensive. While you cannot avoid making these calls, being able to make them at an affordable price would obviously be ideal. So, what if you could make these calls for just a little more money than your internet bill? Well, now you can with voice over internet protocol (VoIP) software.

VoIP software uses the internet to make phone calls and charges significantly smaller fees than traditional international calls. Some popular examples of VoIP software are Skype, WebEx and Google Hangouts.

So, how does using VoIP software stack up to traditional international calling?

Price Comparison

For VoIP software, you are charged per call, but you sign up for a set monthly fee of calls or an unlimited amount of international calling — both options will set fees typically ranging from $5 to $20. But even if you choose a set number of calls, you typically get a lot of calls for a little amount of money. With traditional international calling, there is no set answer on how much this will cost you because not only will you be paying per minute, the rate depends on what country you are calling and what provider you use. The average rate per minute for traditional international calling, however, is just under 18 cents a minute. So, while some VoIP software will let you make 500 international calls for just $5, you could only make substantially fewer international calls for $5 through the traditional method.

How Easy is VoIP to Use?

As mentioned, acquiring and using VoIP software is very easy. Simply download the software option of your choosing, and if you wish to make international calls, you will just pay for a plan with a debit or credit card. From there, just type in the international number you are looking to call. Unfortunately, traditional international calling is not as simple. You have to have your service provider install the line and typically be present for the installation as well. This installation usually comes with a fee. With VoIP software, you basically do everything yourself, straight from the computer, while the traditional option requires installation and added expenses.

International calling has rightfully gained its reputation for being costly and difficult to install. With the emergence of VoIP software, however, international calling has not only become cheaper, but it has also become nearly as easy to do as in-country calling.

If you are like most companies out there and always aim to decrease the amount you are spending and increase the ease of your processes, then consider VoIP software for your international calling needs. Your international reach will become larger and take a lot less from your bank account.

VoIP Software Products

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