optimize nonprofit processes

3 Ways to Optimize Your Nonprofit Business Processes

You have a vision, a mission, a dream. But turning your goals into reality often takes more than elbow grease. When you have the right players in place, and your vision to change the world in front of you, how do you optimize your operational processes to achieve your goals?

  1. Do Your Research
  2. Use Your Resources
  3. Think Like a For-Profit

Do Your Research

Whether you’re looking for a low-cost way to bring clean water to those in needs, or a way to manage donations, take your time to learn about all of your options before making a decision. Sites like Charity Navigator and Guide Star help potential donors learn more about your nonprofit organization in the same way G2 Crowd helps business professionals learn more about software.

Use Your Resources

Employee matching, corporate giving, donor drives – there are a ton of ways for nonprofit organizations to tap into resources from their local communities. While volunteer management software can help you organize your manpower, programs like G2 Gives can help you tap into unlikely skills (like your network’s knowledge and opinions) to raise funds for your nonprofit. If building a house or donating cash is not something your immediate network can do, find alternative ways to get your supporters involved.

Think Like a For-Profit

Every organization, whether for-profit or not, is unique with its own culture, processes, and goals. But sometimes the best solution to a unique problem can be found right out of the box! Find out what tools the best marketers use to engage prospects via email, learn what app Fortune 500 CFO’s prefer to process reimbursements, and track your web metrics to the same level of detail as the savviest of digital agencies.

G2 Gives is here to help!

G2 Crowd encourages nonprofit organizations across all industries to get involved with G2 Gives. Any nonprofit organization, tech-related or not, can benefit from this program.

With more than 46,000 software reviews, G2 Crowd compiles real-user reviews and market data into digestible reports to help organizations make the right choice when buying software.

G2 Crowd reports highlight product summaries, feature comparisons, and satisfaction ratings for products with 10 or more reviews in a given category. And now our data can be yours for free as part of the G2 Gives program.

Learn more about gaining complimentary access to our software buying reports, or utilizing G2 Crowd for a unique fundraising opportunity at www.g2crowd.com/g2-gives