How to Organize Your Stockroom Digitally

Walk into your warehouse’s stockroom. How overwhelming is this space? How hard would it be for you to quickly find what you are looking for in this space?

If it was not in the least bit overwhelming, and if you found what you were looking for very quickly, then you have clearly mastered stockroom organization. For the many of you who gave the opposite answers, there’s an easy way to change that, and you do not need to rely on the outdated pen and paper organizational system.

As you know, the stockroom will only truly stay organized if someone surveys it every day, which requires a lot of time. Warehouse management software allows you to digitally manage the day-to-day operations and organization of your warehouse stockroom. With warehouse management software, employees can complete the entire review process in half the time, without ever having to set foot in the stockroom.

Warehouse management software has a number of features that make this possible. Here are a few of the things it allows users to do:

Track inventory

Who wants to manually count inventory? Not only does it take an immense amount of time, it is also very likely that you will forget to count a box or two with this archaic system. Using warehouse management software drastically improves your inventory tracking process. Not only that, it also helps reduce problems with fulfillment. When you can easily keep accurate tabs on your inventory, you can better see what you need to refill as well as examine the larger trends, such as what products sell versus which ones do not sell. Doing this all manually has proven to lead to many more errors than conducting these operations through intelligent software.

Track stock locations

When an order comes in, your employees, unless they have completely memorized the stockroom, will likely spend a good amount of time trying to locate it in your warehouse. Instead of wasting these hours searching, warehouse management software will tell your employees exactly where products are in the stockroom. Imagine how many more orders they could complete by simply shaving off those search hours!

Track packing and shipping

Anyone who works in a warehouse knows how easy it is to mix up orders. Every day customers are receiving the wrong number of items or packages that are not theirs, all because of disorganized stockrooms. Employing warehouse management software reduces the amount of errors occurring in your warehouse, helping ensure your customers do not receive the wrong package, or worse, no package at all. And if you integrate your warehouse management software with your transportation management software, the process becomes even more streamlined.  

While your customers may never directly come in contact with your warehouse’s stockroom, what happens in there has one of the biggest effects on your customer’s satisfaction. The more disorganized your stockroom, the more likely you are to make shipping errors and the more likely you will have disatisfied customers. Help your customers, your employees and yourself by organizing your stockroom through warehouse management software. If you do invest in warehouse management software, see if your answers to the previous questions have changed.