Beginner’s Guide to Developing a Website

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If you need a new website, website building software is not your only option.

Maybe you’re starting a new business and need a comprehensive website to grow your client base. Perhaps you’ve been in business for a while and are looking to rebrand. It could be that you don’t know HTML and have limited experience with WordPress, or maybe you do have some web building experience, but not an extra moment to spare. Who do you turn to for help?

I’ve compiled a few options for your consideration. First, let’s discuss the software solution — website builders — and highlight the data G2 Crowd has compiled based on user reviews. Then let’s review web developers — a service solution — and we’ll read some new user reviews.

Website Builders

Clients without extensive web development knowledge can use website builders to create a website. This software solution provides templates with drag-and-drop capabilities and extensions for features such as blogs and online ordering. Website builders often provide domain name suggestions, search engine optimization tools, analytics and mobile web functionality.

According to the Summer 2017 Website Builder Software User Satisfaction Report, user adoption averages at 75 percent. If we break that down by company segment, small businesses average 67 percent, mid-market businesses average 19 percent and enterprise businesses average 12 percent user adoption. Roughly 25 percent of users aren’t adopting the software. These users, especially those at mid-market and enterprise companies, could be excellent candidates for employing web developers to do the work for them.

Web Developers

Web developers custom-build software, websites and web applications for businesses’ internal and external use. Depending on the size of the web development team or company, developers might have varying specialties and levels of expertise. Developers often work closely with content writers, branding agencies, user experience design services or web designers to fully realize the client’s vision. Let’s check out some recent user reviews for web developers on G2 Crowd.

  • JSL Marketing & Website Design

    JSL Marketing & Website Design offers a wide variety of services including website design, SEO strategy, content marketing and email marketing.

  • User Review

    “I 100 percent recommend JSL — whether you are looking to update your website, have someone take over your social media, email marketing, or SEO and Adword campaigns, you have found the right place!! Give them a try, you will love them and the experience!” says a user who reviewed JSL Marketing & Website Design.

  • Beacon Technologies

    Beacon Technologies offers web solutions through web design, web development, digital marketing and hosting.

  • User Review

    “Beacon is a great partner — top to bottom. As far as technology service partners, they are as good as any that we have seen or worked with,” says a user who reviewed Beacon Technologies.

  • Hidden Brains Infotech LLC

    Hidden Brains Infotech LLC is a web and mobile app development company that offers next-generation IT services.

  • User Review

    “From my point of view I have not find any [to] dislike [about] them … they can improve [a] little bit by providing more training [for] their developers,” says a user who reviewed Hidden Brains Infotech LLC.


    iMOBDEV offers a wider range of extraordinary services in mobile application development.

  • User Review

    “[These] full-time expert professionals are flexible enough to satisfy the diverse requirements,” says a user who reviewed iMOBDEV.

  • Straight North

    Straight North is an internet marketing agency that helps growth-minded, small and middle-market firms generate online sales leads and e-commerce revenue.

  • User Review

    “The web design team did an amazing job to create what we believe to be the very best hockey website available. The team really held our hand through this experience to make sure everything is exactly how we want it and within our projected budget. We could not be more happy,” says a user who reviewed Straight North.

Some of the web developers on this list specialize in a particular platform, such as Ruby on Rails, while others offer services throughout a variety of platforms, such as WordPress, PHP, Java or Python and Django. Currently, G2 Crowd has more than 900 web development firms on our website as part of a recent initiative to add 250-plus categories and 12,000-plus service providers.

Check out G2 Crowd’s real-time and unbiased user reviews today. We can guide you to customer insights, like the reviewer examples above, to find the right software or service provider to meet all of your needs. And while you’re at it, please let us know what you think about the software and services you currently use — join the Crowd today and write a review of your own!