Don’t Be Like Yahoo: Tips to Protect User and Employee Information

In what experts are calling the largest-known security breach ever, 500 million user accounts were stolen from Yahoo. Thursday, September 22, Yahoo confirmed the breach that occurred at the end of 2014.

To protect users against attacks such as this, companies should be investing in top-of-the-line cybersecurity products. Users should also be encouraged to change passwords frequently, use complex passwords and store them securely.

A company concerned with protecting their users’ information can choose from a variety of security tools to create an all-encompassing safeguard.

Web Security

Web security software products offer large-scale solutions to protect web applications and websites from external threats. These products contain wide-ranging toolsets to create a customized solution specific to a company’s web platform.

Web security products contain a variety of solutions such as vulnerability management software and data security software solutions. Web security products provide companies with the ability to detect and diagnose threats while protecting against malware, viruses, hackers and other malicious software.

Network Security

Network security software solutions protect a business’ underlying infrastructure from external threats. These tools are designed to help secure employee records, business data and customer information.

These solutions often provide governance and federation tools to secure portals and require authentication for access. In addition, they often provide anti-virus, endpoint protection and firewall tools.

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection software protects end-users accessing a company’s network offsite. These tools work to protect laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other devices from malicious software.

They also protect a company from unsanctioned remote access. Other features of endpoint protection software include authentication, anti-virus, user administration and threat identification tools.

Password Management

Password managers help both individual users and companies store, share and update login credentials.

These tools often provide both local and cloud-storage for password records and secure sharing. Companies can use the tools to mandate password complexity and frequent user updates.


Firewall software come as both hardware and software. Many enterprise-sized companies with locally hosted servers install physical units, but most companies rely on firewall software to protect local networks and devices.

These products allow IT administrators to create barriers between users, networks and the internet. They alert users when threats are detected, provide authentication tools and automate virtually all tasks associated with security testing.

While Yahoo failed to protect the 500 million accounts breached in 2014, your company does not have to suffer a similar attack. Visit our IT security software category page to find the best security solutions for your business.