When Should You Choose Website Design Services Over Web Design Software?

RIP phone books.

Your girth and density was only matched by the joy in watching bodybuilders rip you in half. Your spirit lives on in every Bing and Google search.

Times change, and as the internet became our everything, Yellow Pages listings faced a slow death. Now, finding a local boutique or personal injury lawyer — and everything in between — is done online. And the pressure of first impressions often falls on a company’s website.

Is it easy on the eyes? Providing the right information? Or … *gasp* … does it even exist?

More and more, companies are reaching out to website design services providers to quell these worries and ensure a solid web presence. Each burgeoning brand has the option to do the deed themselves, with help from web design software and design-minded team members. But this DIY attitude leaves thousands DOA, as they go live with an unbecoming or malfunctioning website. It’s a modern case of “pride comes before the fall.”

If you have the right people and the right ideas, you can make a million-dollar website from the comfort of your office (or whatever you consider your workplace). If not, the success of your company could depend on some outside help. There are some aspects of your organization you can learn as you go or fake-til-you-make, perhaps. In today’s world, though, a halfway decent website is not to be overlooked or left to chance.

Powerful website builders and design tools will be ready and waiting for you when the time is right, but there are situations where software is not the answer. Fortunately, there are friendly pros out there you can call on for assistance. You can see many of them by searching G2 Crowd and judging their skills for yourself based on their own websites and client reviews on our site. Just don’t go flipping through a phone book!

Below are some situations where web design services are the correct play for your business.

1. No design experts on your team

People who can create a basic website are a dime a dozen — this includes a hefty amount of know-it-all startup CEOs. But do you have any maestros on your payroll? For most early-stage companies, chances are slim. Even in mid-size companies, you might be hard-pressed to find a designer who has put in their 10,000 hours and also has that “it factor.”

It’s not a crime by any means. Young companies have more pressing concerns than bringing a full-time web design expert on board (and not to mention finding them in the first place). If your product or service is live or nearing launch, though, you’ll want a landing page with which to hit the ground running. You wouldn’t have a baby without buying some newborn clothes first, right? That’s what I thought. Let a qualified website design firm stitch you up something nice in the absence of an in-house expert.

2. Lack of direction

Even a so-called artiste can have a brain fart. Inspiration is a slippery, fickle fish that can escape us at inconvenient times. You may have the ideal artillery to design a fabulous website, but shoot blanks when it comes to putting the pen to paper. Don’t beat yourself up, champ.

Website design firms can provide a fresh perspective and work with you to concoct a winning formula before breaking ground on your company website. Maybe your company’s general voice needs a shot in the arm? You may consider consulting with a branding agency or marketing strategy agency to bring things into focus and help you lay out your vision far beyond website design.

Beacon Technologies, a North Carolina-based web solutions provider, breaks down its website design approach into three stages. As worded on its site:

Strategy Phase: Understand what your audience wants
Design Phase: Plan how to satisfy your audience’s needs
Development Phase: Build the vision

You can collaborate with your chosen website design company on domain acquisition and data hosting, or ask to see if they have the capabilities (or know a trustworthy company that does). A nice, long conversation with a service team will address these looming questions and help light the way.

Provider highlight: Beacon Technologies
Beacon Technologies Web Design Software

Provider Name: Beacon Technologies
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3. Too many things on your plate

Working with a new software requires extensive shopping, installing, training and mastering — on top of the actual, who-knows-how-long build process — all which demand precious time you maybe can’t afford. Running a business is an all-consuming affair, especially leading up to and immediately following the ceremonial ribbon cutting. If your plate is stacked to the sky with business-critical objectives, don’t let designing a website be the biscuit that sends it careening to the cold ground below.

Web design firms, like similar outsourced business services, offer convenience and peace of mind first and foremost. These companies work hard to minimize additional stress in your workload, and may help take down other challenges bogging you down, if not recommend another service provider that can.

4. Negative feedback

Modern consumers are not afraid to voice their opinions. Okay, that’s putting it lightly. Modern consumers will tear you a new hole — publicly and in great detail — if they find something they don’t like.

A janky website, for instance.

If you gave an honest attempt at launching a website and it didn’t vibe with users, keep calm and code on. Listen to the critiques and discuss with a web design consultant. Maybe your site underwhelmed in terms of user experience? If that’s the case, you might consider UX design services to bolster the general feel and navigation. Or perhaps the content is lacking — writing is not everyone’s strong suit, but unclear or overly complicated copy can be a quick way to lose business. Content writing services serve to articulate the ideas in your head for a wide audience of visitors. And if your negative feedback threatens to derail your success, reach out to a PR firm to help douse the fire.

Whatever you do, don’t plug your ears to the negative feedback of your website. Any dissatisfaction with your business is an opportunity for improvement and bouncing back better than ever.

Provider highlight: 99designs
99designs Web Design Software

Provider Name: 99designs
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews: 3

5. Major redesign

We’ve all taken a bittersweet trip to Goodwill with our old favorite clothes in a box. The majority of successful businesses must let go of the past in much the same way at major intersections of growth. This means taking your starter website behind the shed and doing what needs to be done when the time comes.

Change is a wonderful, necessary thing — except in rare cases such as Craigslist — and a website redesign signals to your employees and customers that you mean business. Website design companies can help deliver your “Extreme Makeover” moment, so when you walk down the stairs people spit out their drinks in disbelief (the good kind). There’s a good chance you may undergo several redesigns and other “nips and tucks” to your brand over time. Granted, too much change can reek of desperation. But at the perfect moment, a redesign can be a milestone in your company’s history, and web design experts will work overtime to do it justice and maximize the impact.

99designs, a popular freelance platform, can put you in touch with independent experts around the world who are well-versed in website redesign. After posting an ad through this service, a handful of freelance designers will compete to be selected for the job. The process takes care of locking down copyrights, and your satisfaction with the finished product 100 percent guaranteed or your money back. Customers keep in constant contact with the designers every step of the way to encourage a happy relationship and a transparent, hands-on redesign. This site is just one excellent option in addition to the hundreds of web services agencies at your disposal.

Provider highlight: Revenue River Marketing
Revenue River Marketing Web Design Software

Provider Name: Revenue River Marketing
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews: 13

6. Need help beyond site design

An untold numbers of sweet sites out there lie dormant, floating through the webisphere unloved and unused. Website design agencies often extend their offerings to address this tragedy and ensure your site doesn’t suffer a similar fate.

They may offer PPC or SEO services to increase visibility from searches and generate traffic from potential customers. They might provide mobile, email or social media marketing solutions to build a rapport with visitors and other connections. Some web design agencies also boast additional development proficiencies that can assist with custom web applications or mobile apps. How about a fancy marketing video? A number of web design firms can tackle video production and make you a star, baby.

Revenue River Marketing, one of the top-rated website design providers on G2 Crowd (currently 4.9 out of 5 stars), also rocks a portfolio of e-commerce development, digital marketing, marketing strategy, content marketing, HubSpot consulting and more. And it’s one thing to simply claim you can “do it all;” doing it all well, and with superb customer service to boot, is a feat worth celebrating. In a 5-star Revenue River Marketing review, Jonathan S. wrote: “The people and their attitude are, hands down, the most appealing offering in Revenue River’s portfolio.”

Truth is, most of the website design providers featured on G2 Crowd are featured in other categories as well, reflecting the diversity of specializations in this industry. Experts know that presenting your brand to the world takes more than just a pretty website — it’s a labor of love and attention to the pulse of the market, customers’ needs and how you can specifically address them in ways others cannot. A great web design company will go the extra mile to provide or recommend all the tools to send your into the stratosphere. If you desire a team of enthusiastic pros that’ll work to genuinely understand your vision and make it a reality, then it’s services over software all day.

More power to you if you decide to take web design into your own hands, utilizing one or several of the first-rate platforms featured on G2 Crowd. It’s a noble undertaking to launch a beautiful, intuitive homepage for your company, no matter the means by which you make it. A website is an extension of your brand — for some, it is the brand — and the design and creation of quality sites is an increasingly revered skill and accomplishment. Keep in mind there are appropriately skilled folks out there you can call when you’d rather focus on doing what you do best.

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