The Best Business Intelligence Platforms According to G2 Crowd Winter 2018 Rankings

G2 Crowd finds InsightSquared tops satisfaction rating and Business Objects earns highest overall market presence score

G2 Crowd, the world’s leading business software review platform, today released the Winter 2018 Business Intelligence Platforms Grid® report to help businesses make the best Business Intelligence Platforms technology buying decision. Tableau Server, Microsoft Power BI, Domo, Business Objects, Looker, InsightSquared, QlikView, Information Builders WebFOCUS, MicroStrategy, and Sisense were named Leaders in the report, receiving a strong customer satisfaction score with a large market presence.

Phocas Software, Yellowfin BI, Dundas BI, Halo, JReport, GoodData, BOARD, InetSoft Style Intelligence, Treasure Data, Mode Analytics, Numetric, CALUMO, and Easy Insight were named High Performers in the report, earning strong customer satisfaction marks with smaller market presence scores. InsightSquared earned the highest overall satisfaction score while Business Objects earned the highest overall market presence score.

This report also breaks down the Project Management category, based on market presence and customer satisfaction score, for Small-Business, Mid-Market, and Enterprise reviewers. In the small-business and mid-market segments, InsightSquared received the highest overall satisfaction score while Business Objects earned the highest overall market presence score. In the Enterprise segment, Domo received the highest overall satisfaction score while Business Objects earned the highest overall market presence score.

The Grid® leverages customer satisfaction data reported by authenticated users along with vendor market presence determined from social and public data. Based on a combination of these scores, each software solution is categorized as a Leader, High Performer, Contender or Niche.

Key Findings:

  • Let the platform be the expert – Since business intelligence platforms are robust software tools, a long setup process is usually expected. But users pointed out not only a lengthy process, but also a difficult setup and implementation. Many users expressed that the complexities of the systems created bottlenecks for optimization of the tools themselves. Reviewers noted that learning tools, databases, and a simpler interface can help businesses use their business intelligence platform to its full potential.
  • Data pulls – For products as complex and heavy duty as business intelligence platforms, an immediate stand-out feature is the quality of data pulls. Users agreed that customization is key. High potential customization shows a platform that can be flexible, meeting all of a businesses needs. How this data is presented is also crucial, as many users mentioned thorough and digestible visualizations as an important factor in their satisfaction with the tools.

About the Business Intelligence Platforms Grid® report:

  • The report is based on more than 2,174 reviews written by business professionals.
  • Of the 93 products listed in G2 Crowd’s Project Management category, the ranked products each received ten or more reviews to qualify for inclusion on the Grid®.

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