G2 Crowd offers a variety of data driven products to help marketers, sales, product, and customer success teams leverage verified user insights.

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Standard Reports

G2 Crowd category reports may be purchased by any organization for internal use to help inform your buying decisions. Visit any category research page to see currently available reports. To license a report for internal and external use, please contact us.

Renewable Content Package

G2 Crowd’s Renewable Content Package provides marketing and sales teams with fresh content every quarter. Use verified user review data for lead generation, ad campaigns, third party validation and more. Choose from any Grid Report, Segmented Grid Report, Index Report, or Comparison Report. Learn more below!

Grid℠ Report

G2 Crowd category Grid℠ Reports contain data collected from reviews submitted by real users, as well as vendor information aggregated from trusted online sources. These reports compare products based on satisfaction and market presence scores. Also available as Segmented Grids, featuring review data from small-business, mid-market, or enterprise size companies. Use Grid reports in your content marketing program to show off your success and validate your leadership.

Index Report

G2 Crowd category Index Reports aggregate several data points collected from verified user reviews to provide a unique and focused score for evaluating a single factor in the software purchase process. Index reports highlight product success in Usability, Implementation, or Results. Sales teams can utilize Index Reports to close the deal. Third party validated data provides the insights needed to finalize a buyer’s decision making process.

Satisfaction Report

Remove market presence from the equation. G2 Crowd category Satisfaction Reports aggregate data points collected from verified user reviews to provide a unique and focused score for understanding user satisfaction.

Comparison Report

G2 Crowd Comparison Reports feature a side-by-side comparison of up to six competing products based on satisfaction ratings and highlights the leading product for each metric. Great for competitive campaigns, sales ammunition, and late stage buyers.

Custom Data

Research Subscription

G2 Crowd’s Research Subscription grants subscribers internal access to G2 Crowd research data and reports. With the Research Subscription, you can view all G2 Crowd reports, request custom data exports and consult with G2 Crowd to better understand our data.


Infographic Report

G2 Crowd Infographics provide a visual representation of data and trends uncovered from reviews submitted by real users. Contact us to learn about licensing data to create a custom infographic.

Extended Profiles

Reference Package

G2 Crowd’s Reference Package allows your team to segment reviews by industry, role, or company size to better target your sales efforts. With the Reference Package, you have access to five different URLs with a customizable segment of reviews.

Master Profile

G2 Crowd Master Profiles allow businesses to manage review generation and engage with active buyers for every solution they offer via one master profile.